Drawstring Bag

Join us for the Sew on the Go mini-series. Learn how to make a drawstring bag with Emily Steffen of Oh Yay Studio. Make sure to tune-in LIVE every day of the series for a chance to win an Oliso Mini Project Iron!

Click here to download the materials list, patterns, and instructions!

Check out the entire mini-series schedule below. All live events will be available for replay. If you make any of the projects from the series, share with us by using the hashtag #ShareCraftsy on social media!

Series Schedule:

Monday, August 2nd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Iron Cord Wrap

Tuesday, August 3rd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Drawstring Bag

Wednesday, August 4th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Que Chula Fabric Basket

Thursday, August 5th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Tool Caddy

Friday, August 6th at 2:00 p.m. CT – 30 Minute Zipper Pouch

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150 Responses to “Drawstring Bag”

  1. Patty Henning
    Patty Henning

    This craft iron would make small projects even quicker & easier!! Olivia has made a product that makes crafting lives easier.

  2. Andrea

    I would love to have this as a travel iron. It has such nice features for that!

  3. M Kathleen Guyer Guyer
    M Kathleen Guyer Guyer

    Oliso is ideal for working at your sewing machine, particularly when making quilt blocks.

  4. Merinda Townsend
    Merinda Townsend

    What an advantage this special iron would be to pack for our month of travel as I always take projects!

  5. Patricia A Kiebach
    Patricia A Kiebach

    I like a small iron to press my projects at my quilt day at my guild.

  6. Janet Cates
    Janet Cates

    Iwould love to have the iron to keep next to my sewing machine for all the pressing that needs to be done as I sew. I think maybe I wouldn’t burn my fingers as much as I do with my big iron! 🙂

  7. Thiesa Van der Merwe
    Thiesa Van der Merwe

    I click on ‘Click here to download the materials list, patterns, and instructions!’ but do not get the instructions. some how I miss it

  8. kay

    This is perfect for me! I am 70 years old and taking a sewing class. I find that I have to press the fabric quite often in various steps of a project. At my age, it has gotten difficult to wield my regular iron. ~~kay~~

  9. kay

    This is perfect for me! I am 70 years old and taking a sewing class. I find that I have to press the fabric quite often in various steps of a project. At my age, it has gotten difficult to wield my regular iron.

  10. Sara

    My daughter learned how to sew during the pandemic and is enjoying exploring new projects with her Sewing Circle Subscription. She would use the mini iron for her smaller hands to complete her sewing!

  11. Sherry Artman
    Sherry Artman

    I absolutely love this little iron. I am having trouble handling a big iron because of issues on my right side and this little iron looks like it would be perfect for my arm problem!

  12. Darlene

    Cute project I’ll be making gift bags. The iron I would not using foe sewing but encaustic. If you can send a link for the Orion I’d appreciate it.

  13. Gerry kislack
    Gerry kislack

    Maybe I could get my husband to iron for himself. I think he would like the size.

  14. Irene Coker
    Irene Coker

    I would love to win the iron. I would use it on vacations and at my sewing machine area while I am sewing, Irene Coker

  15. Susan Seastone
    Susan Seastone

    This iron will be perfect for in the hoop projects, as well as for doll clothes.

  16. Carol Coleman
    Carol Coleman

    Would love the iron to use when I visit grandchildren and have projects to do for them

  17. Kimberley Hudson
    Kimberley Hudson

    I love to make coats for my tiny dogs. The iron would be great for those tiny seams.

  18. Denise Szocka
    Denise Szocka

    I’d love to use the mini iron for applique and for mending holes using Stitch Witchery!

  19. Margie

    I would use the smaller iron to take with me when sewing with friends and also use at home by my sewing machine.

  20. Glenda Saunders
    Glenda Saunders

    The small iron would be perfect for my grandkids when they come to quilt

  21. Christina

    ohhhh, Oliso irons… I’m a happy camper ever since I bought mine (yellow!) at TQS not too long ago. For me, great for English Paper Piecing, but anything quilting … it’s perfect to have plugged in right next to my sewing machine, being able to quickly iron the quilt blocks 🙂

  22. Kimberly

    I would use the mini iron with my smaller heat transfer projects and when I am ready to start quilting.

  23. Nancy Knight
    Nancy Knight

    Love the size of that iron – I have small hands and my big Oliso is heavy!

  24. Claudetta Mattox
    Claudetta Mattox

    I would use the iron on my mug rug projects quilt blocks. I used to sew all the time but haven’t in years and I have older machines but they still work. New accessories will help a lot.

  25. Liz Adams
    Liz Adams

    It would be lovely to win … I can keep it in the drawstring bag when it’s not plugged in.

  26. Brenda Snyder
    Brenda Snyder

    Thanks for the info. Smaller iron great for on the go- once I can get going again

  27. Robynn

    I would definitely take this to retreat rather than wait for mt turn for the communal iron

  28. Annettte Jack
    Annettte Jack

    I like to make Mug Rugs for friends and family and would find this iron very helpful. Also, I’d use it for Baby Quilts.

  29. Lyn Greenwood
    Lyn Greenwood

    I spent months making masks for hospitals last year, using an old sewing machine (which I finally replaced) and an even older iron (which I haven’t replaced).

  30. Elizabeth

    I would use this iron to make this drawstring bag for Rummycub tiles/game to take on the go with my family!

  31. Deborah Frost
    Deborah Frost

    Quick little project. The mini-iron would be handy right next to the sewing machine!

  32. Cheryl Bunker
    Cheryl Bunker

    The bag is so cute and would be great for giving gifts and I love the iron. I would use it so much

  33. Janet Lawver
    Janet Lawver

    I’m over 80 and my wrists get tired when I sew. The lite weight would let me spend more time makin art.

  34. Carolynn Weinert
    Carolynn Weinert

    We have a 3 story house. it would be so handy to have an iron downstairs since my sewing room is in the

  35. Nancy

    This little iron would be so convenient for making blocks. The point of the iron would be handy for many block designs.

  36. Lui Smith
    Lui Smith

    I would use this iron all the time! Emily showed how easy it works during making a project, but I would also use for my regular ironing!

  37. Adeline Marklowitz
    Adeline Marklowitz

    I would use the iron for pressing pieced blocks. The bag looks very easy.

  38. Elizabeth Violet
    Elizabeth Violet

    Beginner quilter and wannna-be bag maker here! Will use that cute iron for my first quilt and first bag! 🧵 🪡❤️

  39. Kimberly Valle
    Kimberly Valle

    I would LOVE to have this Go Iron for my 12 year old; so she could easily iron her projects with ease!

  40. Gail Beam
    Gail Beam

    I would love to have this iron for the many applique designs that I do. This little steam iron would be perfect for all of the tiny pieces of fabric i need to press.

  41. Marilyn Sears
    Marilyn Sears

    Would be perfect for the small appliqué pieces on the Baltimore Quilt I am making.

  42. Judy Folsom
    Judy Folsom

    I would use the project iron to crisply iron quilting star/tip seams. I love the iron cord wrap.

  43. Bryana Childers
    Bryana Childers

    The cute little iron would be so convenient when sewing. Cute counts!

  44. Marianna

    I would like to use the iron for portable applications, at retreats and at sewing classes!

  45. Marie

    Love the small iron. I have been sewing for years but I think that I would make more use of a small iron than a regular one

  46. Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford

    I would use that beautiful little iron for all the small pressing work for quilting and home sewing….so I wouldn’t have to drag out my big iron and ironing board!

  47. Cecelia Remedios
    Cecelia Remedios

    Love the instructions and the Iron. Can’t wait to whip up these bags

  48. terri vehrenkamp
    terri vehrenkamp

    I want both the mini and full size oliso. They’re on my list of things i want to get as i get more into as well as better at sewing

  49. Keri Gentry
    Keri Gentry

    So you could use two patterned pieces sewn together. Then you’d have the coordinating pattern be the trim and the drawstrings, right?

  50. Michele Janorschke
    Michele Janorschke

    I have a full size and love it, would love a travel one. Thanks for the fun projects this week!

  51. Angie Wing
    Angie Wing

    Love my Oliso! Have a pink one, I would use the mini for quilting retreats, just the right size to travel.

  52. Gina Burttram
    Gina Burttram

    would love to have this iron for my sewing room and for the classes that are starting up again.

  53. Kris Payne
    Kris Payne

    I would love this iron to take to sewing classes for youth at my church. It looks very light and portable!

  54. Lois A Pikora Mills
    Lois A Pikora Mills

    I would use the cute iron when I go to my quilting classes each week. Small enough for easy travel 💗

  55. Keri Gentry
    Keri Gentry

    The iron would be nice to add to my sewing items as I learn to quilt better and see for my mew grand baby.

  56. CINDY

    Would love the iron for small projects, applique works and making small cloth jewelry bags! Hi from Northern AZ!

  57. gail hoogmoed
    gail hoogmoed

    Love these classes…love that oliso iron. Fingers crossed to win. LOVE ALL CRAFTING 😍

  58. Susan Sarti
    Susan Sarti

    Hi from Colorado! I would love to with this mini iron. It would make sewing and appliques so much easier with my arthritic hands.

  59. Kathleen Poe
    Kathleen Poe

    I made a tiny version of this bag for my husband to carry his earpods around his neck. He was always losing them.

  60. Lena Nishida
    Lena Nishida

    I can’t wait and would LOVE to learn how make the bag, string it right and use it!