30 Minute Zipper Pouch

Join us for the final day of the Sew on the Go mini-series. Learn how to make a 30 minute zipper pouch with Minki Kim of MinkiKim.com. Make sure to tune-in LIVE for a chance to win an Oliso Mini Project Iron!

Click here to download the materials list, patterns, and instructions!

Check out the entire mini-series schedule below. All live events will be available for replay. If you make any of the projects from the series, share with us by using the hashtag #ShareCraftsy on social media!

Series Schedule:

Monday, August 2nd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Iron Cord Wrap

Tuesday, August 3rd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Drawstring Bag

Wednesday, August 4th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Que Chula Fabric Basket

Thursday, August 5th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Tool Caddy

Friday, August 6th at 2:00 p.m. CT – 30 Minute Zipper Pouch

Brought to you by Oliso and Craftsy

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229 Responses to “30 Minute Zipper Pouch”

  1. Kathleen Carey
    Kathleen Carey

    I would love to have a smaller iron like the Oliso mini as it would so much easier to iron my small quilting pieces and a smaller place to iron in my small sewing room

  2. Judith Denning
    Judith Denning

    I’m looking for an awesome zipper pouch, so I hope you pick me !!!

  3. Eileen Lotzer
    Eileen Lotzer

    Am looking for zip & go zipper pouch by Minki Kim that was in Quilts & More winter 2022 page 50-please advise how I can access it-thanks

  4. Linda Mallette
    Linda Mallette

    I would donate the iron to a sewing ministry in Uganda where I teach sewing during the summer while on mission trips in Uganda. I have the iron and love it.

  5. Heather allen
    Heather allen

    loved the demonstration, great little iron for seams and pressing final work, great for many crafts

  6. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson

    I would you the mini Oliso for pressing the zipper pouches that I make. It’s the perfect size to fit inside.

  7. Uzma adil
    Uzma adil

    No website ; I watch all your videos and have learnt a lot. I feel like part of crafty family

  8. Jeanne

    I make doll clothes and having this small iron at hand would be so much better than raising my large iron and ironing board for the tiny seams!

    • gail hoogmoed
      gail hoogmoed

      tried 5 days to win this Olivos iron…oh well …Congrats to the winners

  9. Novia Campbell
    Novia Campbell

    I would use the little iron for small quilting projects and maybe even for detail ironing on some of my clothes.

  10. Julie Walker
    Julie Walker

    I would love to own a oliso iron! I see them used on varies sewing and quilting shows. I bought a wool pressing mat especially for that iron.

  11. Carolyn Morgan
    Carolyn Morgan

    I would us the Oliso iron for travel to my friend’s. We get together and do many projects. At the moment, I’m doing a raw edge fusible dinosaur art quilt for my 6 yr old great niece!!

    • Kathleen lascola
      Kathleen lascola

      I could find many use for this iron…including but not limited to… I attend quilting classes as I am relatively new at it, I do sewing and quilting in my home as well and it can be a real hassle dragging out the big iron and board, as we all know. I get myself a wool ironing pad and that little iron and I wouldn’t have that hassle at all. Plus we travel!! Great for that to name a few.

    • Caroline Pieters
      Caroline Pieters

      I would use the iron for travel and and exactly how Mini uses it ! Right next to my Begins! I love this project and wonder about adding a belt to wear it around your waist. I may experiment with that! Thank yo very much!

  12. JoAnne Knollman
    JoAnne Knollman

    If I had the oliso iron, I could take it when I go to my daughter’s to pet sit, not having to lug my full sized iron along with me. Thanks for this series!!

  13. B. Clark
    B. Clark

    I would use this iron in a confided space as I don’t have room for many items. It should make my projects much easier to complete.

  14. Maggie Huddleston
    Maggie Huddleston

    This is a great iron to take to class and keep near my sewing machine to iron seams immediately after sewing.

  15. Holly

    Love making pouches like this for gifts and organizing. I have a very small area for my sewing, so a small ironing mat and a small iron like the Oliso would be great!!!

  16. Brenda

    Wow now we can select a cheerful color, especially the turquoise and orchid, to add pizazz to any small sewing space.

  17. Karen McLain
    Karen McLain

    I always get the email at least 40 min into the 2pm time are you able to watch these again?

  18. Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams

    Minki, The fabric is so happy! I love the little Oslio iron, it would be great for projects for my little guy!


    This demonstration was very well presented. These bags would make great quick gifts. I love the Oliso irons and would really love to win the travel iron to take to my sewing retreats.

  20. Diane Ruotsala
    Diane Ruotsala

    I would use the Olisio iron for all my projects that I have learned from this site! I absolutely love these short projects as I am a beginner and I would like to teach my 9 granddaughters how to make these pouches!

  21. Lynette DuBois
    Lynette DuBois

    fabulous work. I would love having that iron and the bag Minki made to store it in. I would use the iron for making 18″ doll clothes.

  22. Tricia Sabatini
    Tricia Sabatini

    I would use the Oliso iron for ironing the small seams on my In-the -hoop cowboy/cowgirl booties for babies and dogs. It would make it so much easier. Thank you so much for this wonderful week!!

  23. saroja gopalan
    saroja gopalan

    I would use the mini iron for small projects, ,e.g. bags and small garments.Enjoying your show-thanks


    Great pouch ideaOliso Mini iron is perfect New to sewing recently retired.


    This is precious! It is very like a little travel-tissue cozy I often make with scraps, only bigger, with an off-center opening, a zipper, and the pleated bottom (and finished seams inside) — Brilliant! Love the little Oliso iron; it would be great for all the small applique work in my current BOM project (and I could bring it to class!)

  26. Rebecca Myers
    Rebecca Myers

    I would have the iron on hand for any project requiring those smaller touches. Makes such a difference in the quality of the finished product!

  27. Shirley

    I would use the Oliso Mini iron for pressing quilting seams and other quick touch ups.

  28. Sandi

    Love this bag! Gonna make one today! I would love to have an oliso mini project iron for all my crafting projects. The iron I am using now is big and clunky! I have wanted on for awhile now!

  29. Melissa Curewitz
    Melissa Curewitz

    I would love the olisio iron to take to class and use right next to my sewing machine for quick presses , just like Minnki is doing.

  30. Tricia Sabatini
    Tricia Sabatini

    I would use my Oliso iron while I am making my the in-the hoop cowboy booties for babies and dogs. It’s size would make it so much easier to press the seams!!!


    the Iron will fit into my carry-on bag as I go on vacations or staycation

  32. Fran Dispensa
    Fran Dispensa

    I would keep it near my machine to press seams as I work. Will be great for my quilt blocks and small projects.

  33. Patty Butler
    Patty Butler

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing pouch! The iron would be great for my sewing work space!


    I would love to have a mini iron to use right at my machine for little touch up or seams.

  35. DONNA

    Would love to have a small iron for all projects, I have small hands, my big iron is a beast.

  36. JUdy Tisdale
    JUdy Tisdale

    I would use the Oliso iron to sew my many appliqués on children’s clothes and in little crafts I make. I donate many items to charity. Thank you for the excellent ideas this week.

  37. Jean Ameduri
    Jean Ameduri

    This small iron will be perfect for miniature quilts. Since 1999, I have exchanged after 200 miniature quilts with quilters in 22 different countries. They are a great way to make quilting friends around the world.

  38. Angie Cook
    Angie Cook

    I would use the mini iron to press applique fabric to the garment WHILE still in the embroidery hoop!

  39. Pam V
    Pam V

    I would use that adorable little iron to make masks for family and friends. Now I have to go to another room to iron this would be so handy. They are so cuuuute too!!

  40. Linda Davis
    Linda Davis

    I would use the iron for all of those projects that require frequent pressing as you go along. Sooo much more convenient than a full size iron!

  41. Suzanne Turner
    Suzanne Turner

    I love the Allison iron! It would Make it possible for me to iron my sewing and quilting projects as I go in my smaller so working area. It looks like a perfect fit for that. Thank you for the video, I think I’ll be making a zipper pouch soon.

  42. Joyce

    I would like the Aliso iron, because it is compact and I have a small space to work in.

  43. Nancci PhillipsBurgess
    Nancci PhillipsBurgess

    These demos are excellent! Hands on for newbies is a blessing…

  44. Carolynn Weinert
    Carolynn Weinert

    Would love to have a small iron for projects that I have when not in my sewing room on the third floor of my house.

  45. Susan Sarti
    Susan Sarti

    Thank you for another excellent, instructional webinar. If I won, I would use the Oliso mini iron for appliques, and sewing.

  46. deborah williams
    deborah williams

    i would use oliso project iron for small pressing areas and quilting pieces

  47. Paula Bohan
    Paula Bohan

    Thank you for all the projects this week – It’s been a fun way to spend my lunch times… I would love to win a baby Oliso!

  48. Carrie Eldred
    Carrie Eldred

    I like the inside to look as pretty as the outside.Thank you for sharing.

    • Caroline Pieters
      Caroline Pieters

      I would use the iron for travel and and exactly how Minki uses it ! Right next to my Bernina! I love this project and wonder about adding a belt to wear it around your waist. I may experiment with that! Thank yo very much!

  49. Linda Riley
    Linda Riley

    I watched your demonstration for the first time yesterday. It was so informative. Today’s is great too! I was thinking yesterday that the Oliso mini iron would be perfect gift for my sister. She makes banners for her church and other nonprofit groups. She often gets frustrated with her regular sized iron as it is too big to successfully tact down some of the intricate pieces she works on completing.

  50. Linda

    Hello! Thank you Minki and Craftsy for the live tutorial. Fantastic project to use up scrap fabric and zipper, customize the size. Make one big enough to house the mini-iron?! Take the iron on the go or when I need to steam a small area of fabric or knits.

  51. Sandra Augsburger
    Sandra Augsburger

    Little Oliso iron would be great for sewing new baby granddaughter outfits!

  52. Eleanor Leap
    Eleanor Leap

    Have enjoyed these mini classes. Would love the iron. Small enough to carry to classes, keep handy on the kitchen counter for quick touch-ups as needed, pressing seams in quilt blocks as sewing along to make a quit, quick touchups as you dress to go out and many more.

    • Michelle Krueger
      Michelle Krueger

      Wow! It’s so versatile! Would be much easier to use on my projects, maybe I would stop skipping those recommended ironing steps! Lol

    • Michelle Krueger
      Michelle Krueger

      Thanks for the projects! Will definitely be checking out your you tube channel!

  53. Marie Ott
    Marie Ott

    I would love to have this little Oliso iron. My husband and I recently retired and bought a little camper. We love traveling around in it but it is tough to quilt. The mini iron would be much easier for me than a full size one! Thanks for this series, I have enjoyed watching.

  54. Ellen Theobald
    Ellen Theobald

    Transmission stopped. The iron would be very helpful in sewing room next to the sewing machine.

  55. Cynthia Knight
    Cynthia Knight

    Would use the iron for quilting and sewing projects! Love the Sew on the Go instruction videos!

  56. Elinor

    I’ve had a mini-iron on my “wish list”. Would love to be able to use it next to my sewing machine for all sewing projects.

  57. Robin Koger
    Robin Koger

    Thank you for all of the projects this week. I would love to use the Oliso iron on my small art quilts. Perfect for those small projects!

  58. Evelyn

    Thanks for all the training this week. I will use this iron on everything I’ve learned this week. Love this.

  59. dmcgovern9041@gmail.com

    I’ve never used an Oliso but heard great things about them. Would love to have one.

  60. cathy karinen
    cathy karinen

    The mini iron would be great nest to my sewing machine when i do paper piecing.

  61. Frances Student
    Frances Student

    This little iron would be very useful in making all my quilting projects.

  62. Marla H
    Marla H

    Are there patterns for your cases to your right? & by your seeing machine? I would use the Oliso mini iron for small projects like these zipper pouches

  63. Dorothy M. Walker
    Dorothy M. Walker

    Would use the mini iron to iron projects that I make for my 1 yr. old grand daughter.

  64. Melanie Taylor
    Melanie Taylor

    I would keep the oliso mini iron next to my sewing machine to facilitate setting my seams and keeping my projects looking neat as I go along.

  65. Rebecca Rhoads
    Rebecca Rhoads

    I could use the Oliso iron for so many things…quilting, sewing and even my embroidery pieces. Thanks for the wonderful classes! I am learning so much.

  66. Gail Beam
    Gail Beam

    Thanks for all of the fun projects this week. This iron would be such a great iron to put in my travel sewing kit that I always take with me when I travel to see my grandchildren and sisters, as none of them sew and they always have sewing projects for me.

  67. Mickey Cunningham
    Mickey Cunningham

    I could use a zipper pouch to organize stuff in my purse! The mini Oliso will help me in making this project!

  68. Kathryn Fuller
    Kathryn Fuller

    This spiffy little iron will be useful with my sewing, embroidery and quilting projects. I have needed to move almost exclusively to small projects due to health issues.

  69. Lois A Pikora Mills
    Lois A Pikora Mills

    I would love to win this mini iron to take with me to my weekly quilting classes.

    Thank you for the tips and demos this week. Very educational 😊

  70. Lisa Latimer
    Lisa Latimer

    I love Minki Kim and Oliso!! It would be so perfect to have next to my sewing machine when I’m piecing!

  71. Theresa

    I enjoy making pouches and the short timing…. I would use the Oliso for sewing applique pieces and traveling and to classes. Great addition to my sewing room.

  72. Angie Wing
    Angie Wing

    would love to get the Oliso mini iron for retreats like Quilts of Valor or other quilting and charity projects.

  73. Susan Sarti
    Susan Sarti

    Can’t wait to learn this project. I would love to win the Oliso mini iron which would make crafting, applique, and sewing much easier!

  74. Carolynn Weinert
    Carolynn Weinert

    Would love to have a second small iron for my small area of quilting two floors down from my main sewing room.

  75. Kelly McMaster
    Kelly McMaster

    I would love one of these as I am making baby items for my new grandson

  76. Pam V
    Pam V

    One of those Oliso irons would make making masks so much easier. Imagine not running to the other room and the ironing board to press those pleats. LOL! I thought we were done with making masks till this upsurge in cases. Everybody take care out there!

  77. Lois A Pikora Mills
    Lois A Pikora Mills

    I would love to win this mini iron to take with me on my weekly quilting classes.

    Thank you for all the tips and demos this week. Very educational 😊

  78. Deborah Frost
    Deborah Frost

    I enjoy making zipper pouches … thanks for the tutorial! The little iron would be great!

  79. Alice M. Goehrig
    Alice M. Goehrig

    This Oliso iron look like just the thing I need. My old iron is so heavy and my wrists just don’t handle it well at 75 years of age. I this think will fill all my needs.

  80. Marilyn M
    Marilyn M

    Wonderful information..The IRON would be a great addition to my quilting room.

  81. theresa orren
    theresa orren

    Thank you with these great ideas traveling is my middle name and this little baby Oliso is for me

  82. Laura

    Looking forward to making all these projects! The little iron would make that so much easier!! I’d love to add it to my sewing room.

  83. Sheryl

    This has been a lovely week of learning! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips. I would love the iron for my sewing area.

  84. Leigha Baer
    Leigha Baer

    Looking forward to making several of the zipper pouches and I’d LOVE to be the winner of the Mini Olilo Iron! It would be well used at my quilting group now that we’re getting back to meeting after this long hiatus due to the pandemic.

  85. Mary Storm
    Mary Storm

    A small iron like this would be very useful for the seam pressing on quilt pieces. My favorite color is purple. I hope I can find time to make some of these items very soon.

  86. Rebecca

    The mini iron would be so handy! To not have to get up every time you need to press part of your project.

  87. Jean Carson
    Jean Carson

    My old travel iron just let out it’s last puff of steam! The Oliso iron is a great product, which I would love to have.

  88. Tessa Geul
    Tessa Geul

    Hi all, I would love to own an Oliso mini iron for when I can have a dedicated sewing room. I’m sure it will be very handy and reliable.

  89. Sheila Burbage
    Sheila Burbage

    Would love to have a mini iron close by rather having to get up and have to walk into another room!

  90. Christine Cullen
    Christine Cullen

    I would love to win this iron. I just watched the videos on Amazon about this iron. Such great ideas. I didn’t know you could use this as just a steamer. That must mean it has a great steam setting. Also to use on tight spaces like children’s clothes and on inside pant legs and tubes. The small iron I have does not do all of these things well. I would love to own this Oliso mini iron.

  91. Glenda Zinsitz
    Glenda Zinsitz

    It would be handy to have a mini iron to make quilt blocks and other sewing projects right next to me as I sew, especially since I had surgery and can’t walk for a good while without crutches or a knee scooter. It would be a great convenience to have at hand.

  92. Patricia Riddell
    Patricia Riddell

    Learn so much watching , always a new way to do something to make it easier
    thanks for the time you spend doing these

  93. Kathy Mydland
    Kathy Mydland

    Looking forward to another presentation. This has been fun. Love Lisa our facilitator. The mini iron would be great for pressing small items. I work with a couple of others to provide clothing for children. We wash and dry almost all donations and a quick press makes things look so nice.

    • Beth S
      Beth S

      I am looking forward to seeing how to put a zipper in a small pouch. I would also love to win the mini iron for projects like this, and for travel.

  94. Darla G Edwards
    Darla G Edwards

    Love these live classes and seeing new tools, like the mini iron. I would use it for quilting and for small projects, like wallets, Christmas decorations and gifts, because it would work better than a large iron for these projects.

  95. cherry bowers
    cherry bowers

    love to win this, a small iron would help with my charity work, ie masks, quilting, and pillowcases, etc.

  96. Mary Frankiewicz
    Mary Frankiewicz

    Love the small iron, it would make it easy for me when I’m making 18th century costumes for the DAR Elijah Winn reenactment.

  97. Miranda Mendez
    Miranda Mendez

    I’d use the mini iron for all my small projects for on the road family camper trips.

  98. D'Wanna

    I’d love the Oliso iron for small projects and dollmaking, but watching it being used this week during the demos… I’d use it to iron clothes too! Every project this week is something I’ll make and happily use. Love the live aspect of it and all the questions and answers. Thank you for doing this.

  99. Danielle Thom
    Danielle Thom

    Thank you for these fun live projects this week! I would love the Oliso Iron to use on my cricut iron on projects and to keep close while working on sewing and quilting projects!🥳 Thank you!

  100. sbither27310005

    Love all the projects! I would love the Oliso iron sitting next to my sewing machine so I can press as I sew! Quilting and garments!

  101. Sheryl

    Just love Craftsy, they provide so much to the sewing community. I would love to win the Aliso iron. Because I have arthritis having this smaller iron would help my hands grip better and my ironing techniques. Thank you Craftsy team and instructors.

  102. Lisa Weber
    Lisa Weber

    Craftsy makes me want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS!! I would love a Oliso mini iron so I didn’t have to haul out the Big Guy to press a Little Seam 🙂

  103. Carol Horne
    Carol Horne

    Excited to make this zippered pouch. I love buying from craftsy. I’ve been wanting the Oliso mini iron for a while now.
    I’d love to win it!

  104. Julie Erickson
    Julie Erickson

    Been dreaming of an Oliso, waiting for the next class as I couldn’t attend the others due to work schedule 😢

  105. Kitty Gage
    Kitty Gage

    Who doesn’t need the right direction/instruction and tools at their side when completing projects. Craftsy does that and an Oliso iron would help complete that!

  106. Kelly

    So looking forward to this sewing series! I’m on days off the whole time and stuck in smoky British Columbia. Now I have something to do and look forward to next week!