Sew on the Go

Craftsy and Oliso have teamed up to give you a bundle of portable projects to take with you as you travel. Watch below as five incredible instructors provide step-by-step demonstrations as they sew projects that will keep you organized. The materials list, patterns, and instructions are available for download as well!

Iron Cord Wrap

Learn how to make an iron cord wrap with Sue O’Very-Pruitt of Sookie Sews.
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Drawstring Bag

Learn how to make a drawstring bag with Emily Steffen of Oh Yay Studio.
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Que Chula Fabric Basket

Learn how to make the Que Chula Fabric Basket with Kathy Cano-Murillo, owner of The Crafty Chica.
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Tool Caddy

Learn how to make a tool caddy with Ashley Hough, managing editor of National Sewing Circle and National Quilters Circle.
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30 Minute Zipper Pouch

Learn how to make a 30 minute zipper pouch with Minki Kim of
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9 Responses to “Sew on the Go”

  1. Donna Weldon

    I really appreciate all the information and a chance to improve my sewing skills. I could use it in my small sewing room. I use a tv tray with a wool pad to so iron on. I don't have room for a regular ironing board. It would make it easier to press my seams or my material.

  2. Donna Weldon

    I really appreciate all the information and a chance to improve my sewing skills.


    Loved the video on the tool lady.

  4. Sylvia Kimball

    The small iron would be great for the pant cuff hems and pressing the cuffs on sleeves. I also do a lot of Barbie doll size clothing, cabbage patch doll size for the cubby baby doll and 16" doll size clothing that I could really use the small iron for.

  5. Patricia Sweet

    Oh I sure enjoyed Minki's demonstration. I followed her every step. Great Christmas presents I think. Tell her to just explain to us like she is talking to her best friend. Then no nervousness. Love her sewing room, Some day I will have a room like that.. And Thank you Minki. I LOve this sewing project You so kindly shared today.

  6. Cynthia Truran

    I have seen this iron at my fabric store and would really enjoy the small one I already have the big one and love it).. I would use the iron by my sewing machine for a quick press of my project.

  7. Sandra Starkey

    I would use the iron on a small table by my sewing machine,.. I am liking the classes

  8. Donna Weldon

    I enjoy having quick and easy projects for myself plus for gift ideas.

  9. Prue Heazlewood

    Love your quick and easy projects, can we have more of them?