Rip & Reuse: Shawl to Socks – Unraveling Instructions

Welcome to the Rip & Reuse: Shawl to Socks Challenge! We’re so happy you’ve joined us.

In this challenge, we’re going to upcycle an old project and transform the yarn into something new! Before we start knitting, you’ll need to unravel your old project (or procure your own yarn). Don’t worry, unraveling is easy and you’ll have your yarn ready in no time. Find a project that used 400 yards or more of a fingering weight yarn (about one full skein) and download our unraveling instructions to start ripping those stitches! Then, get ready to turn it into a beautiful pair of handmade socks!

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Download the unraveling instructions below to get started!

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Rip & Reuse: Shawl to Socks – Unraveling Instructions
Rip & Reuse: Shawl to Socks – Lottie Socks Pattern
Rip & Reuse: Shawl to Socks – Finishing Instructions

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  1. gregory anderson

    I thought I’d gotten the other sections, but I cannot find them. I must have not hit the download button. What now? I have “Unraveling”. Would like the pattern and finishing please.

    • gregory anderson

      Oops, I hit link for finishing instructions and the other links were active. Woo Hoo. Problem solved. I was having a Norwegian moment. (My grandmothers were Volberg/ Ellen/ and Alma.) Yah shur yahbetcha.

  2. gregory anderson

    I’m hoping to get working on this in the evenings, when I have less cleaning, cooking, chores, laundry, &c., to do for my disabled wife. I’m also disabled, but we’ve been a team for 26yrs now. We married with her condition, my stroke happened 14yrs ago.