RingLace Ringlet with Brenda Schweder

Join Brenda Schweder as she teaches you the best ways to create a brand new bracelet from materials you may already have laying around your home. Click here to download to create the instructions.

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10 Responses to “RingLace Ringlet with Brenda Schweder”

  1. Avariel

    YAY!!! I've been waiting ever so patiently for the return of jewelry artisans to teach and for more classes. I have purchased everything in the jewelry category. I have been a member for the first Craftsy to Blueprint and back. Thank you so much for returning this art form. <3

  2. Sally

    Great presentation, B. Love your glasses too:O) Good to see you back at Craftsy!!

  3. Mary Burns

    Hi Brenda. Good to see you on craftsy again!

  4. Mary

    Where can I get 18k links to make this bracelet?

  5. Jeannie Stone

    Have I missed anything?

  6. HILDA

    Has it started yet

  7. Ruth

    Hi everyone!

  8. Sue Hutchings

    Hi everyone

  9. jb


  10. Mary Lou Weinberger

    Looking forward to watching this. Will it be available after today?