Need an Excuse to Make a Quilt? We've Got 17!

We all know there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t start a new quilt. You should clean the house. You should be working, or perhaps spending more time with family.

But many quilters say it’s actually beneficial to their health and well-being to start a new quilt, a part of their own self care. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of 17 very compelling arguments for why you should stop what you’re doing right now and start a new quilt. Enjoy.

1. You’re bored with your other quilts.

That sampler quilt you finished up is so last month. Pick out a new pattern and get to cutting, because it’s almost out of style.

2. You’re bored at work.

Steal a conference room table, close the blinds and pull out your rotary cutter. Your boss will be the none the wiser.

3. Your husband agreed to watch the kids.

This is a no brainer. Start a new quilt.

4. Someone, somewhere, is graduating.

If you don’t have a niece or nephew to quilt for, ask a co-worker. Someone needs a graduation quilt, and you will make it for them, because…

5. You want to buy more fabric.

Become a weekend quilt factory, and you’ll be out of fabric and ready to hit the quilt shop again in no time. Besides…

6. Reading Facebook is so boring.

We all need the occasional mindless diversion, and sewing a new quilt will help you take your mind off political hubbub much better than scrolling social media posts.

Boundless FLower Shop Quilt Kit

Boundless Flower Shop Quilt Kit

7. Your pet has stolen your favorite quilt.

Dogs and cats have a way of claiming our handmade quilts as their own. It’s completely useless to try to get them off once they’ve curled up. Just make more quilts.

8. It’s a holiday.

Christmas quilt. Patriotic quilt. Valentine’s Day quilt. If you’ve been quilting more than 4 years and haven’t made yourself one of these, go back and make more quilts.

9. It’s Friday.

What else were you planning to do this weekend?

10. So your couch doesn’t get jealous of the bed.

You worked for years on that double wedding ring quilt for your bed. Don’t make the couch settle for any less.

True Colors table Runner

True Colors Table Runner Kit

11. Your table is naked.

Sew yourself a table runner and you’ll be suddenly inspired to have dinner guests.

12. Your walls are naked.

If you don’t have a quilt pinned to drywall somewhere in your house, how will your guests know you’re a quilter? Wall quilts are quick weekend projects. You can have two, maybe three done by the end of this month!

13. You are naked.

Cover up with a quilt.

14. Your Instagram feed is boring.

Were your 2016 “best nine” pics all of your kid or your cat? You can turn this around in no time, but you’ll need a trip to the quilt shop and some uninterrupted sewing time.

15. Your WIPs are boring.

If your works in progress are getting you down, get rid of ’em.* You don’t want to live with all that guilt. Start a new quilt!

16. There’s a quilting retreat/conference/cruise.

We all know that going on a quilting-related vacation is the height of luxury. And if you need an excuse to make a new quilt, wouldn’t signing up for a fun quilting getaway be on the list?

17. Isn’t someone having a baby?

If you don’t have a baby quilt to sew, make one anyway. Multiples are common these days, and you might end up having to sew two quilts back to back.

What’s your favorite excuse to start a new quilt? Share in the comments below!

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* No WIPs were harmed in the writing of this list.

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