5 Quilters You Need to Be Following on Instagram

top view quilt in progress

Photo by @suzyquilts

Let’s be honest, with so many amazing fabric artists all over Instagram, it’s impossible to pick favorites. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try! Here are five very different artists we’re loving seeing in our feeds.

Kitty Wilkin (@nightquilter)

small quilt blocks placed together

Photo by Kitty Wilkin

Kitty is both a great quilter and a pro photographer (as well as a pattern designer and teacher!), but our favorite part of her feed is her hundred-day project of teeny, tiny blocks — just 1¼” — truly amazing.

Kim Soper (@lelandavestudios)

abe lincoln quilt

Photo by Kim Soper

“Lincoln,” shown here, won 1st place in Improvisation and People’s Choice at 2017 QuiltCon. In addition to being an award-winning quilt artist, Kim’s also the brain behind “The Creativity Project,” an initiative that goes behind the scenes of some of the most fascinating quilters working today.

Sherri Lynn Wood (@sherrilynnwood)

wavy quilt blocks

Photo by Sherri Lynn Wood

Sherri Lynn Wood wrote the book on modern improv quilting (literally), and it’s easy to see her love of spontaneity in her work. She often integrates found materials and fabrics such as old clothes. As a teacher, she encourages her students to find inspiration in music, theater, drawing, meditation and everyday life — great advice for any creator.

Kamie Hone Grangroth (@kamiegrangroth)

x quilt shapes

Photo by Kamie Hone Grangroth

Kamie Hone Grangroth is a textile artist who’s obsessed with modern English paper piecing — a slow but rewarding (and meditative) process. We love seeing the gradual evolution of her projects. It’s such a great reminder to all artists and makers to be in the moment and enjoy the process of creating. Not to mention that her fresh, modern color choices are an instant mood-lifter!

Suzy Williams (@suzyquilts)

top view quilt in progress

Photo by @suzyquilts

Count on pattern designer Suzy Williams for a regular dose of gorgeous modern designs that make your fingers itch for fabric. She plays with everything from bold primaries to soft, modern neutrals, but one thing’s a constant: cute cameos from her pooch, Scrappy. (Bonus: she also sells many of her patterns.)

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