These 7 Quilted Projects Are What Gifting Dreams Are Made Of

free-motion quilted pouch

Let’s be honest: making quilted gifts can be just as much fun as creating full-size quilts. So if you’re looking for homemade gift ideas, consider these beauties for the best peeps on your list.

1. A Dressed-Up Diary

quilted journal cover

Itchin’ for some quick stitchin’? A simple quilted journal cover is a fast project that any writer or Type A list-maker will love. Free-motion a design that suits their personality, slide in a fresh journal and you’re done.


2. The Perfect Infinity Scarf

quilted infinity scarf on a mannequin

Fact: it’s always the right season to rock an infinity scarf, especially one with perfect patches. If your friend likes to make a statement, play with color — you can contrast the front and back strips to create a real wow-factor.


3. A Cute Machine Cover

quilted sewing machine cover

A sewing machine cover protects their prized beauty from collecting dust and adds a pop of personality to their crafting room. Take an afternoon to choose materials that match their style, and piece this puppy together using appliqué.


4. The Perfect Everyday Bag

free-motion quilted pouch

Another quick-n-easy project, this zippered bag can be used for so. many. things. It’s just the right size for storing shears and rotary cutters, but if your BFF isn’t crafty it can be useful for makeup and toiletries, too.


5. A Love-ly Table Runner

quilted love table runner

Quilted letters aren’t as hard as they look: these guys are easily made from jelly rolls! Take ’em on and this sweet table runner will be adored by whomever you gift it to.


6. A Floral Wall Hanging

quilted floral wall hanging

Brighten up their walls with a bloomin’ wall hanging they can cherish year-round. With this traceable pattern, appliqué has never been so easy.


7. A Scrappy Pillow

quilted repo pillow

This pretty pillow is a serious win in the gift department. Not only will they love the bright and cheery design, but you’ll get to make a serious dent in that scrap pile you have stashed in the corner.


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