Quick Accessories with Leftover Yarn

Looking for an easy project to use up some of your yarn leftovers? Join Brenda K.B. Anderson and Jen Lucas for a tutorial on how to crochet a scarf and knit hat. Click here to download the free patterns.

Merry & Bright Scarf

‘Twas the night before… and you need a quick gift? Stash diving to the rescue! This cheerful scarf was designed to use those extra leftover bits of yarn. Holding a strand of neutral yarn together with each color will help those random leftovers look like they belong together and will stretch out your yardage! This technique creates a beautiful, marled fabric and allows you to use a large hook, making for very speedy stitching! The optional pompoms accent the edges with a punch of whimsy, but they can be substituted with fringe or omitted completely, for a more toned-down look.

Odds & Ends Hat

The Odds & Ends Hat is perfect for combining all those tiny balls of bulky weight yarn you’ve been saving. With the yarn held doubled and chunky needles used for the knitting, this hat will be done in no time. And the best part? You can change up the colors however you like to make something fun, funky, and unique! Knit this up with its companion, the Odds & Ends Cowl, which is worked in worsted weight yarn held doubled, and stay warm with this cool set of accessories this winter.

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10 Responses to “Quick Accessories with Leftover Yarn”

  1. Barbara Fisher


  2. Velinda

    Is your yarn the same weight?

  3. helene kraayvanger

    Loved your video. Especially the end where you configured how many yards left on a ball.

  4. Lisette

    Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial!

  5. Diane Wilson

    That first 'Bigfoot' sock can be your new Christmas stocking, or Halloween stocking?

  6. Sara Hunter

    Thank you!

  7. Sara Hunter

    I missed the beginning - sorry. I’m a crochet beginner. Is there a difference between a knotted double crochet stitch and double crochet? They seem the same to me, but it’s all new to me. Thanks.

  8. Lisette

    I knit, but I want to learn to crochet!

  9. Lisette

    Greetings from central Mexico!

  10. Gloria

    Any hats with ear flaps for women?