These Pumpkin Knitting Patterns Are Perfect for Fall Stitching

knit pumpkin amigurumi

Unlike the winter squash you buy at the farmer’s market , these pumpkins will never go bad. With just some yarn and your knitting needles, you can craft the cutest gourds to enjoy all season long.

1. Quick Pumpkin Hat

knit pumpkin hat

If you know the basics of knitting and have a skein of orange yarn, you can stitch this simple hat in a weekend. Think of it as a fast and festive way to keep your ears cozy.


2. Realistic Pumpkin Hat

knit pumpkin hat

This pattern comes in sizes ranging from newborn to adult, so you can make it for anyone and everyone. All you need to know is how to knit, purl and make an i-cord.


3. Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Cowl

halloween neckwarmer

When you’re ready to get into the Halloween spirit, this jack-o’-lantern cowl — which can also be made with ghosts and skulls — is begging to be stitched.


4. Pumpkin Head

knit pumpkin amigurumi

Once you finish your large-scale fall knitting, use your orange yarn scraps to knit up this little guy. Grab random knick-knacks around the house to make facial features, or give him a glam glow with some beads.


5. Pumpkin Patch Pullover

yellow knit sweater with orange pumpkin

This child’s sweater will look adorable on any little one, not to mention it’s the perfect opportunity to fine tune your colorwork. The pattern gives you the option to attach a vine and other fun embellishments, so you get to decide just how elaborate the finished project becomes.


6. Pumpkin Patch Blanket

knit pumpkin blanket

The best thing about this project: the pumpkin blocks can be stitched separately, so you can work on smaller pieces of the blanket before bringing them together with a mattress stitch. It also means you can add or take away blocks as you please, making the blanket as large or small as you want.


7. Pumpkin Bag

knit pumpkin bag

Skip the store-bought bags and knit a cute custom one for trick-or-treating. Not going house-to-house? Hang it on your door knob as fall home decor, then fill it with the fam’s favorite treats for an extra sweet surprise.


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