6 Perfect All-Over Quilting Patterns

How about using an all-over quilting design on your completed quilt top for the perfect finishing touch? To bring all-over patterns to life you can use a longarm machine, a home sewing machine or even hand quilting. You’ll quickly discover there are many ways to play with echoing, repetition, pivoting, stacking and overlapping shapes to achieve all-over quilting patterns.

Here is a round-up of all over quilting patterns great for finishing your hand-crafted creations with pizzazz! 

Allover Pattern: Posy Quilting Pattern

Photo via Latimer Lane Quilting

1. Posies all-over pattern

There are several things to consider when choosing an all-over quilting pattern for your quilt. With very scrappy quilts the choice of an all-over quilting pattern is not as critical because the design will likely get lost in the many fabrics. However, with most other quilts the all-over quilting pattern will have a big effect on the finished appearance of the quilt. The Posies quilting pattern featured in the quilt above has curved leaves and simple flowers that make a beautiful foreground for the geometric design of the quilt. 

Trailing Vine Pattern on Quilt

Photo via Latimer Lane Quilting

2. Trailing Vine all-over pattern

The all-over quilting pattern should enhance and complete your finished quilt top rather than compete with the quilt pattern. Choose simple all-over quilting patterns for quilts with a lot of design elements. In contrast, simple quilts can be accentuated by more complex all-over quilting patterns. The Trailing Vine pattern on the quilt above works perfectly with the small floral prints and solids used in the quilt. This quilting pattern adds interest without becoming the main focus, allowing the quilt design and fabrics to shine. 

Splat All Over Quilting Design

Photo via Latimer Lane Quilting

3. Splat all-over pattern

The size of the all-over quilting pattern is another point to consider. Be sure the all-over quilting pattern is proportional in comparison to the size of your quilt blocks. In the quilt pictured above the large scale Splat pattern works perfectly with the chunky style of the blocks. If you are unsure about what pattern and what size to choose for your quilt, a longarm quilter will be able to give you advice and ideas for pattern choices. Since longarm quilters work with a large variety of quilt patterns and designs, they are the perfect source for all-over quilting pattern information.

Colorful All Over Splash Pattern - Bluprint Member PatternPhoto via Latimer Lane Quilting

4. Splash all-over pattern

With solid or nearly solid backings the all-over quilting pattern selected becomes another fun design element. The Orange Peel quilting design pictured on the Craftsy pattern Splash quilt above is perfect for the front and the back of the quilt..

Colorful strawberry all-over pattern

Photo via Latimer Lane Quilting

5. Strawberry all-over pattern

The all-over quilting pattern can also mimic the design elements in the quilt. In the quilt above the quilter chose an all-over quilting pattern with strawberries to accentuate the strawberry print fabric. There are a wide variety of holiday themed all-over quilting patterns available for your special occasion quilts.

All Over Blossom Quilt - Pattern on Bluprint.comPhoto via Latimer Lane Quilting

6. Clam Shell all-over pattern

The Craftsy pattern Blossoms pictured above has lots of background area which is complemented by the all-over clam shell quilting pattern. Although the quilting design stands out, the whimsical blocks are still the focal point of the quilt. .

With so many different all-over quilting patterns available, it’s easy to find the perfect design for your quilt. Now that you’re dreaming of all the creative all-over quilting pattern possibilities, get into a quilting groove as you enhance your longarm skills. Plus learn longarm techniques for binding, appliqué and so much more. Come have fun in the FREE online Craftsy class A New Look at Longarm Quilting.

Which all-over quilting pattern is your favorite?

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