Organize Your Crafting Space

Looking to get organized and declutter your crafting space? Join ZJ Humbach as she provides countless tips and ideas on how to create a space that is unique to you. Don’t be intimidated when it comes time to update your quilting or sewing studio or design a new studio space. ZJ will guide you through the process and show you the key to success. Click here to download ZJ’s 7 Tips for Organizing Your Sewing Space.

Free projects to help you organize:
Tool Case and Stand
Sewing Machine Cover
Quilted Sewing Machine Cord Keeper
Iron Cord Wrap
Sewing Machine Pincushion
Fold-Up Fabric Needle Holder

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23 Responses to “Organize Your Crafting Space”

    • cynthia gerstl

      karen, this is not really an answer to your problem. But your name is what caught my eye. My grandfather was a Boyarsky, different spelling, same name. I was wondering if you’ve done any genealogy on the family. My Boyarsky family is from Belarus. As for all the stuff in “my” craft room, I am currently working with the lady who was my children’s babysitter many many years ago. She is now a professional organizer. I have her in every Friday morning and we are putting items where they belong. Yes it’s a struggle, but it’s getting done.

  1. Dorothy Lehew

    Sewing will be relegated to my living room. Need some hints, please. Thanks

  2. Susan Barutt

    I watched the replay of this. Very helpful!! Thank you, ZJ! You always have great advice!!

  3. Jackie

    You can always exchange unwanted, unfinished projects with a friend…You finish theirs, they now get

    • Sherri Barrett

      Hello from Sherri Barrett, west Olympia. My ASG group meets in Shelton at Annie’s 2nd Tuesday every month. Friendly group

  4. Deborah S Prather

    I need better lighting for both sewing and knitting. Any suggestions?

  5. Patricia

    Can’t wait to get some tips on organizing craft supplies. My craft corner is a small mess.

    • etenesh teklu

      I would like to start sewing women’s top. but I want how to handle all talors material /how to handle in small space/