Moonrise Shawl Virtual Event

Welcome! We are overjoyed you have joined us for the Moonrise Shawl 3-week project with Jen Lucas. The Moonrise Shawl is designed to teach you new techniques while moving towards a final project. It always feels nice to have a completed project at the end of a workshop, doesn’t it? Please make sure you have your pattern with the material lists ready for the first workshop. You can download it here.

Throughout the three weeks, we will be sending you emails to make sure you don’t miss a class. However, please bookmark this page so you can come back to the page whenever you need to rewatch a video. They will be available to you even after Jen is done for the day.

Week 1: Shawl Construction

Wed, 1/25 at 1:00pm Central Time

In this session, we will discuss some of the various ways you can construct a top-down shawl in crochet. From there, we will dive into the start of the Moonrise Shawl, where Jen will demonstrate the necessary steps for the first part of the shawl.

Week 2: Stripes

Wed 2/1 at 1:00pm Central Time

In this session, we take a look at the interesting stripe pattern in the Moonrise Shawl. She will explain how work a stitch pattern into the shawl while at the same time working the shaping (increases). Jen will also demonstrate the necessary steps for working the five-color section of the shawl.

Week 3: Edging

Wed 2/8 at 1:00pm Central Time

In this session, we’ll talk about all things edgings! Jen will share some of her favorite crochet stitch dictionaries for when an edging is needed. She will also demonstrate the edging for the Moonrise shawl as well as answer your crochet shawl-related questions.

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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8 Responses to “Moonrise Shawl Virtual Event”

  1. Merle

    Thanks for the course. Love the pattern.

  2. Barbara Spink

    I absolutely loved the edging..A friend of mine came over on monday, saw it laying on the chair and took it home. Thank you for a fun class

  3. Akiko Iwabuchi

    Willl you please show and move your finger slowly.I couldn't follow what you are doing. and stitches does not match.

  4. Deborah Martin

    Hi Jen: So I put in two extra sections of stripes with the four rows of the main color. Just starting to work on the mountains now. I have chosen colors that will show mountains in the winter and mountains in the summer months. This is turning out to be a fantastic project! Thank so much for the pattern :)

  5. Deborah Martin

    Hi Jen: Thanks for this lovely pattern. Are we allowed to choose a different border or do you not allow changes to your pattern?

  6. Wendy Pally

    Hi Jen, I am having issues with deciding what yarns to buy for the shawl. I know it is to be bulky and certain yardage but I don't know if it should be 100% acrylic, Acrylic/wool combo etc. I don't have any sensitivity to wool etc. I don't want it too expensive and yet pretty. Should it be very soft? I really need help with this. Is there anyway you can help me or someone else can help? I want to keep up. I bought 4 balls of Lion Brand Stitchbird Meliphage Hihi in Goldfinch Chardonneret on a lark 6 months ago as we all do. I don't know if this would work (524 yds.) for the accent colors and if not enough I can find something for the bottom rows. I am also having an issue with knowing what main color to use with this. Please help!!!

  7. Cathleen

    Hi, looking forward to watching. The pattern looks nice and doable.

  8. Judith Lichens

    how do i see the finished project before siging up for the class