5 Modern Scrap Quilts to Bust Your Stash

These scrappy modern quilts will have you digging through your scrap stash in no time! Scrappy quilts can still be modern by using the right fabrics and plenty of white space.  You’ll notice that most of these quilts use a solid fabric to let the scrappy fabrics to shine. Whether you dig through your scrap stash or mix and match your fabrics, these modern scrap quilts are sure to please.

Modern Chevron Baby Quilt

Sunny Chevron Quilt via Craftsy member Piper’s Girls

1. Sunny Chevron Quilt

This bright and cheery scrap quilt is the perfect way to use up those larger scrap pieces in your stash. Pair it with a solid background such as the white and you have yourself a cute scrappy chevron quilt. You could even play around with color variations. Do a rainbow gradient! 

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Vibrant Chevron Quilt

Photo via Craftsy member Quilt Theory

2. Scrappy Geese Quilt

It doesn’t get much more modern and scrappy than this flying geese quilt.  The designer has such an eye for mixing solids and creating modern quilts. Despite its scrappiness, it’s easy on the eyes with its colors all grouped together. Choose your favorite solids or pull from your solids scrap stash!

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Square Modern Quilt

Photo via Craftsy instructor Amy Smart

3. Lattice Quilt

This beautiful scrappy lattice quilt uses larger size scraps. Use your leftover 10″ square pieces from other projects. The white sashing makes this one easy on the eyes and allows those fabrics to pop. Pull out your most precious fabric scraps and larger scales for this lattice quilt.

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Modern Hexagons Quilt

Photo via Craftsy member love from Beth

4. Hexa – Scrappy Quilt

This foundation paper-pieced pattern will have you sorting your scraps by color in no time! This scrappy hexagon quilt makes me want to start sorting my scraps by color just so I can pull from them to make these blocks. Each hexagon can be made up from a color palette.  Even her binding is made up of scraps

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Birch tree quilt

Photo via Craftsy member Amanda Jean Nyberg

5. Bright Birch Trees

“No scrap left behind” is this designer’s motto, and it sure shows in this striking and modern scrappy quilt! Use your larger solid scraps for the background of each block and dig through your tiny scraps for the birch trees. No scrap of fabric is too small for this fun and modern quilt. 

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