Member Exclusive Class: Snow Day Slippers

Make these snuggly-warm slippers for everyone on your list this holiday season! Soft and cozy, these slippers are like a big hug for your feet. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics to personalize this project for each lucky recipient: fleece, faux fur, sherpa, wool suiting, re-purposed felted sweaters. The list goes on! These slippers can be made in size child through adult and use materials that can be easily found at a local fabric/craft store.

In this class with Brenda K.B. Anderson, you will learn how to construct these slippers using the pattern provided. Brenda will talk about different materials and how they affect the look and feel of the finished piece. She will guide you through the construction process, with tips on how to work with tricky fabrics such as faux fur, striped and other directional fabrics.

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49 Responses to “Member Exclusive Class: Snow Day Slippers”


    I’m excited! I have to work that day but so glad it is going to be up on YouTube!!


    If I cannot view the program at that time, will it be available for viewing later?

  3. Bobbi Jo

    I think I signed up to be on the panel and I am not Interested in doing that. Sorry if I’ve caused a problem.

  4. Maura Adams

    This looks like an interesting and useful class. I didn’t enter to be a Zoom panelist because I might not be able to stay beyond 2pm CT.

  5. Zoey

    Thank you for the Opportunity to Participate. Warmest Regards, Zoey from Tasmania, Australia 🙂

  6. Kristine Born

    I keep extra slippers at my home for guests to wear when they visit during the winter.
    They can leave their wet shoes or boots at the door.