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You have the talent; now turn your passion into a side hustle! Join Emily Steffen, owner of Oh Yay Studio, for advice on how to establish a personal brand. Click here to download Emily’s help sheet. More about Oh Yay Studio from Emily: Oh Yay Studio has evolved from my wedding photography business into an online shop and blog. It began from one simple hand-lettered cake topper that I created one afternoon while my son was napping and has now turned into an extension of my love for people by spreading joy + celebrating all the things. I believe to the core of who I am that smiling REALLY can change the world!
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35 Responses to “Launch That Side Hustle”

  1. Adelle Wright

    Hi, l loved your presentation on creating a side hustle. I have a lovely product to sell but am an introvert so not good at making an online presence or networking, unfortunately. How do I promote my business when I’m rubbish at promoting myself?

  2. Mary Ann

    Hello, from Nova Scotia, Canada. Thank you, Emily. I’m looking forward to completing your help sheet, especially step two. I have so many craft interests & hobbies I don’t know which to do first – sewing, products using cricut maker, crochet, knitting, jewelry making, macrame, painting. I think I just listed these in the order of my interest. Therefore, I’m thinking of starting with sewing and cricut. Of course these need to be broken down into sewing clothing (pattern making), embroidery (learn artistic digitizer softward), bags, home decor, etc.). Cricut products using vinyl and cardstock.

  3. Judy Gearhart

    I’m retired from another career, and have resumed my artwork. I don’t want the pressure of full time work, especially since my precious grandsons are my priority. I don’t need to support myself with art. I have a perfunctory, noninteractive website, and have not tried to market my art, as word of mouth has kept me as busy as I have time for. However, I have one area that I think has potential for a wider audience. I’ve given watercolors of personal wedding bouquets as a gift to several brides, and it seems that this could fit the hand made market. In your opinion, should I just continue sharing on social media, or should I try something like Etsy? Thanks. I enjoyed your presentation.

  4. Nancy W.

    Sewing business specializing in home decor and wearable fashion accessories. I don’t have a website and prefer not to start one. How can I start the business without a website?

    • SHARON

      Etsy, Makesy, and Shopify are all good outlets to start a business and some accounts come with websites

  5. Robyn Piercy

    Hi what time will that be in Australia for launch your side hustle on the 31st March.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Robyn,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      The live event is at 11:30 a.m. CT (Central Time). You can use a time converter to determine your local time:
      The recorded event will be available for later viewing if you miss it.

      For further information or assistance, please chat, email, or call Customer Service.