7 Landscape Painting Projects That'll Make You Want to Head Outside

painting autumn field

Whether you’re painting from a reference photo or working en plein air at your favorite park, creating landscapes has got to be one of the most relaxing and inspiring forms of painting. And the more different subjects you tackle, the more your skill set will grow.

1. Colorful Mountains

mountain landscape painting

This autumn sunset really brings the drama. And to make it, you’ve gotta know value, color temperature and saturation. Learn how to mix vibrant colors and layer pigments for a piece that’s bold, loud and gorgeous.


2. Autumn Cornfield

autumn cornfield

A cornfield in autumn might seem drab, but not when you see it through the eyes of an artist! This piece is great for beginner watercolor painters, and can help you practice building up layers of color and using masking fluid.


3. Turn a Sketch into a Scene

watercolor sketch landscape

Watercolor sketching is all about knowing your composition, choosing your colors, and working quickly. Think of it as a pre-painting of your subject, so your final piece comes out the best it can be. This tutorial will show you how it’s done — and you’ll have a frame-worthy mountain landscape when you’re finished!


4. Try Painting Without a Reference!

painted tree line

Instead of a traditional landscape drawn from life or a photo, try painting a scene directly from your imagination. We’ll walk you through the process step by step, from a sketch to an underpainting to a detailed finished piece.


5. See the Sea

painted seascape

While landscapes tend to be static, painting a seascape is all about capturing movement through crashing waves and flowing water. Learn how to convey energy in your paintings and get acquainted with some impressionistic techniques along the way.


6. Reflections in Water

acrylic water painting

The key to painting reflections is taking the time to observe deeply. Once you’ve taken it all in, you’re ready to assess the sky, block in the land shapes and brush in the ripples on the water’s surface. You’ll come away from this project a better painter, and more appreciative of the sunset IRL, too!


7. Keeping It Close to Home

painted neighborhood

Hey homebodies, we see you. And while you might not think of your neighborhood view as a landscape, it can be the perf composition for your next acrylic painting. This tutorial takes you through every step, from snapping photos for inspo to placing the final details.


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