Kraftex Tote Bag & Wallet

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29 Responses to “Kraftex Tote Bag & Wallet”

  1. Gail Clayton

    Looks good

  2. Linda

    Interested in a new technique.

  3. Marge Sendek

    Finally!!! I have a use for the Kraft Tex I've been hoarding for forever...

  4. Tammie Miles

    Nice Bag, can't wait

  5. Arlie warrener

    Shall be interesting!

  6. Jackie Pedersen

    Looking forward.....

  7. Marie Puddicombe

    Can’t wait to start this

  8. pam

    Can't wait to see!

  9. pat quigley

    Interested in learning more about this product!

  10. MaryJo Boyle

    I have Kraft-Tex waiting to be made into something interesting.