Make a Knotted Rope Plant Hanger in 30 Minutes or Less

knotted plant hangers

Take your plant decor up a notch — literally. This hanging planter project turns really simple supplies (you only need 3 things!) into the coolest way to display your succulents, snake plants, and more. Follow along as Jo Gick shows you how it’s done.

DIY Rope Plant Hanger

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • ¼” cotton rope, cut into two 80” pieces
  • 2” wooden ring
  • Yarn in various colors
  • 4-6” pots
  • Small indoor plants
  • Instructions

    1. Create the Top

    Fold one length of rope in half. Pass the folded portion through your wooden ring, then pass the ends through the loop of rope, tugging to secure the rope onto the ring. Congratulations, you just made a lark’s head knot!

    Repeat with your second rope on the same ring, so you end up with two lark’s head knots on the ring and four equal ropes hanging down.

    knotted ring plant holder detail

    Choose your first color of yarn and tie the end tightly onto one of the ropes, tucking the tail inside so you can’t see it. Then, simply wrap the colored yarn around all four ropes, tying it off once you’ve reached your desired amount. Continue wrapping with other colors, varying the amounts so some stripes are thicker than others. (We wrapped about 5″ worth of rope.)

    Pro Tip: This project is a great use for all your yarn scraps. Have fun with color and don’t overthink it!

    2. Make the Bottom

    Leave about 24 to 30” of open rope, then wrap more colored yarn to create the base of your planter. You should wrap about 4″ of rope, in various colors. (Before wrapping the bottom, bunch the 4 ropes in your hand and try placing your pot to see if you’ve left the right amount of space. Bigger pots and bigger plants may need more open rope to contain them!)

    3. Add the Pot and Final Details

    Nestle your pot evenly between the 4 ropes so it balances properly.

    bottoms of knotted plant holders

    Slightly fray the rope at the bottom of your design to create a tassel. (The best way to do this is to wet the rope slightly and then combo it with a pet brush to separate it.)

    Hang your plant from a hook and enjoy!

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    17 Responses to “Make a Knotted Rope Plant Hanger in 30 Minutes or Less”

    1. Nicole Ling

      I just don't see what the base is what the actual plant hangers the rope hangers are hanging off of there...

    2. Mattie OQUINN

      I love your ideas

    3. Nancy De Vaul

      Make knotted rope Hager. More hands on crafts

    4. Sherry L Miller

      This came to me just in time. I have been looking for macramé but could not find one long enough. I can do this any size I want. Do you think it would work and stay put if I got some of the big wooden beads " Bright colors " and run two of the strings through them to make it more form fitting on the pot?

    5. Cynthia Wheelehan

      A macrame class would be wonderful !!!

    6. Judi Vincent-Oester

      What are the prices of these crafts?

    7. Robin

      Looks great!

    8. patricia mccullagh

      will have to give this a go.

    9. Rita Montgomery

      Oh, I forgot to ask. I don't see where we use the second 2" wooden ring.

    10. Rita Montgomery

      This is so cute and easy. I don't have yarn but loads of quilting scrap fabrics. I think I'll make a scrappy hanger using strips of fabric. What do you think?