Knit-Along 2016: Socks

Let instructor Lucy Neatby guide you to sock-cess! In this one-of-a-kind knit-along, you’ll receive two new lessons and a new design each month, so you can knit your way through three exciting knitted sock patterns. Start with the smocked Guernsey sock, as you learn how to work from cuff down, create a sturdy slip-stitch heel and work a toe chimney. Then, move on to the toe-up Serpentine sock, where you’ll knit beautiful cable patterning, the garter short row heel and even a nifty I-cord cuff. Want a project with a little more color? You’ll complete your knit-along with the Windowpane sock, as Lucy teaches you how to work a double-thick cuff, a two-color slip-stitch leg and the swirly star toe.

Class Preview

Knit-Along 2016 Introduction

Meet instructor and sock guru Lucy Neatby and learn all about your monthly knit-along. You’ll explore the three exclusive sock designs included, gather your supplies and learn a few techniques to make your knitting a breeze. Lucy covers gauge, measuring for a great fit and tips for neat joins.

Smocked Guernsey: Starting Cuff-Down

Start the knit-along on the right (or left!) foot with the first pattern: the smocked Guernsey. You’ll cast on for cuff-down construction using a stretchy cuff pattern and work the leg, adding a series of purl welt and wrapped stitch designs. Along the way, Lucy will help you gain confidence with simple chart-reading skills.

Smocked Guernsey: Heel to Toe

Continue the Smocked Guernsey Sock, completing the heel through to the toe. Lucy gives you a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of her sturdy slipped-stitch common heel. Plus, you’ll finish up with the clever toe chimney that makes for painless grafting!

Serpentine: Starting Toe-Up

Your second sock is the Serpentine! For this pattern, you’ll start from the toe up with a reverse toe chimney. You’ll also work the lovely cabled pattern that gives this sock its name, learn new ways to increase and even cable without a cabling needle!

Serpentine: Heel to Cuff

When it’s time to finish the Serpentine sock, Lucy will show you a new heel: the garter short row heel. You’ll love how it helps preserve the striping of your yarn colors! Then, follow along with Lucy to work the cabled leg pattern and a nifty I-cord cuff.

Windowpane: Starting Cuff-Down

Lucy designed the colorful Windowpane sock specifically to help you mix a bright solid with a fun hand-painted yarn. You’ll start this sock cuff-down with a provisional crochet cast-on so that you can create the sock facing for a neat, double-thick cuff. You’ll also work a two-color slip-stitch sock leg with Lucy’s guidance.

Windowpane: Heel to Toe

You’re nearly at the finish line! Complete the Windowpane sock from heel to toe as Lucy shows you a garter version of the common heel flap for more fun striping. And after turning the heel and working the foot, you’ll decrease for the swirly star toe; it’s a cinch!

Bonus Downloads:

Knit-Along 2016: Socks – Windowpane Socks

Knit-Along 2016: Socks – Serpentine Toe-Up Socks

Knit-Along 2016: Socks – Smocked Guernsey Socks

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