How to Make Super Trendy Seed Bead Bracelets in Minutes

Seed beads are definitely making a comeback, which we LOVE, because they are seriously one of the simplest pieces of jewelry to make. Follow this step-by-step seed bead bracelet tutorial and make a whole stack to layer (or gift!) in less than an hour.

How to Make Seed Bead Bracelets: Free Tutorial Photos via Oh Everything Handmade

Seed bead bracelet tutorial

Materials needed:

  • 3–4 different colored seed beads, size 11/0
  • 1 seed bead needle
  • Jewelry nylon
  • 1 extender chain
  • Clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Double-cup bead tip
  • Charms (optional)
  • Pliers

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet- Tools for the project

Step 1:

Cut a piece of 13–14″ nylon string, thread the needle on and slide it to the center.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Tread nylon onto the seed bead needle

Step 2:

At the end of the string, make a double knot.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Make a knot at one end

Step 3:

Add a double-cup bead tip to the end.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Add one of the Double-Cup Bead Tips

Step 4:

Measure your wrist and start threading on the seed beads; stop once you reached your desired length.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Apply seed beads1 Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Apply seed beads Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Measure the length and finish up the bracelet

Step 5:

When the bracelet is long enough, add the second double-cup bead tip and make a double knot again.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - add another Double-Cup Bead Tip to the other end

Step 6:

Finish the bracelet by closing the double-cup bead tips and adding all findings and charms. I recommend to use 2–3 strings per clasp — otherwise, the bracelet will look too chunky at the ends. Or if you don’t want to add an extender chain, you can have all bracelets close with their own clasp.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet (1 of 6) Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet (3 of 6) That’s all there is to it! I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make seed bead bracelets.

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13 Responses to “How to Make Super Trendy Seed Bead Bracelets in Minutes”


    What do you do with the cain and how to ad the other strings? not as clear as other tutorials I have seen

  2. Marla Jones

    Please provide a photo that clearly shows how you have the chain and clasp attached. It’s blurry there on this final photo.

    • Amanda Jones

      Dear Mayuri, you can buy all the supplies you need from any good jewellery making supplies store. Just google: where can I buy beads and findings online, and quite a lot of places should come up. I can also personally recommend the stores where I buy my beads and other supplies, such as and
      The first 4 stores that I listed above are the best stores for buying really good products and you’ll find lots of gorgeous seed beads, as well as everything else you need at these websites because they only sell the best products available on the market. Ali Express is very cheap and you can find some great no – brand beads there, but I don’t recommend buying their seed beads because they’re made of plastic, not glass and they look cheap. My favourite place for buying seed beads is as they have the best range of seed beads in the most gorgeous colours. I hope this helps you in your jewellery making. Love from Amanda Jones in Australia