Show Off Your Pops! How to Make a Cake Pop Stand

Cake pops bring smiles to every party guest! So visit our free tutorial to learn How to Make Cake Pops. Once you’ve created the perfect cake pops, how do you display all of your hard work so it pops instead of flops? Let’s take a look at how to make a beautiful stand.

cake pop stand

Look around your house, or walk into a craft store and you will find a myriad of containers to display your cake pops ideally. For this particular stand, we’re going to use:

A container: As you search for a container keep in mind the number of cake pops you want to display, as well as how many of those cake pops will fit in one container. Sometimes rather than one large container, it is fun to split them into two containers or more!

Styrofoam: You can use old cake dummies that you don’t need, or Styrofoam comes in many shapes and sizes at most local craft stores. You can also order Styrofoam cake dummies at or many other stores online. If you can’t find the shape or size you need, just cut your Styrofoam using a knife or blade. (This will get messy, with white “snow” going everywhere; so be careful where you cut and don’t cut it close to your cake pops.)

Glass beads: These beauties can be found in craft stores or online. They come in an array of colors and are typically used for decorative purposes in fish bowls or vases. So be sure to wash them well.

glass beads
Step 1: Place the Styrofaom into your decorative container. Your Styrofaom should be slightly shorter than the container, so you can fill the container with the beads to hide the Styrofaom.

place styrofoam
Step 2: Fill the container with the glass beads. I would recommend getting more glass beads than you think you will need, because some may fall down the sides. It always takes more beads than I expect.

add beads
Step 3: Simply fill your cake pop stand with your delicious and beautifully decorated cake pops.

fill stand

You now have a fun, unique cake pop stand that will enhance the décor of any event!

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