7 Household Items That’ll Make Your Knitting Way Easier

hands knitting

As any knitter knows, there’s a lot more that goes into the craft than just yarn and needles. But there’s no need to panic when you run into unexpected roadblocks or puzzles — many can be solved using things you already have around your house! Use these hacks for your next knit project and make your crafting totally hassle-free.

1. Make Quick and Easy Stitch Markers

yarn stitch marker

Instead of investing in stitch markers, you can make one (for free!) on your own. It can be as simple as using an embroidery floss bobbin or even a stray paper clip. If you want to DIY one from your stash, tie a slip knot and cut it right below the knot so you have a small loop to place on your needle. (Just make sure it’s a different color than the yarn you’re working with!)

2. Use Makeshift Yarn Bowls

coffee mug yarn bowl

Keeping yarn tangle-free can be a real struggle, and definitely not something you should be focused on while trying to knit up a sweater. There are a ton of items that can contain your yarn, but our fave is the handy travel mug. Just slip your ball of yarn inside and thread your yarn through the lid — it’ll spool out knot-free.

3. Stop Stitches From Slipping

rubber bands on knitting

It’s happened to all of us: that moment when you step away from your knitting for just one second, only to return and see the stitches have somehow managed to slide off your needles. Nix that from happening again with a simple rubber band — just wrap both needles up using one and those stitches will stay nice and secure.

4. Look for Organization Hacks

makeup holder used for stitching

When it comes to storing your supplies, don’t be afraid to get creative! Use an old mason jar to hold your needles; store stitch markers, buttons and other small tools in a compact makeup case; cut a slit in the side of a tennis ball and slide your scissors into it. There are so many ways to keep your craft room clutter-free, not to mention you’ll save yourself a ton of runs to The Container Store.

5. Turn Nail Clippers Into Special Cutters

cutting yarn with nail clippers

The tiny blades on nail cutters are perfect for snipping small pieces of yarn and — bonus! — they’re super easy to travel with, especially when flying.

6. Use Your Hand as a Rough Ruler

measuring swatch with finger

Sure, it’s not precise. But if you need a rough measurement for your knitting, you can always use your hand. All you need to do is measure your pointer finger once to get an approximate length, then use it as an estimate for all your projects going forward.

7. Thread With Actual Floss

threadding yarn with dental floss

Threading a yarn needle can be the worst, but you can make it easier by using a DIY threader from actual dental floss! Grab it from your medicine cabinet, cut off a piece and wrap it around the end of your yarn. Because the floss is thinner and can’t fray like yarn, it’s a piece of cake to pull through the needle’s eye.

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