Hot Glue Gun Tips From a Pro Who Knows

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It’s my job to make parties look amazing on shows like Bring the Party and my own DIY Party Decor class. (Yes, I have the best job in the world.) And not surprisingly, I have a hot glue gun in my hand pretty much every waking hour.

If you wield your glue as much as I do, you’ll soon come to swear by these tips.

1. Go Cordless

Buying a rechargeable (yes! they exist!) hot glue gun will. change. your. life. Forget the restrictions of your cord or having to replace the batteries of your cordless gun. In my view Ryiobi has the best hot glue gun on the market, and they’re easy to find at any home improvement store.

2. Buy in Bulk

Is your glue gun your life blood when creating and crafting? Thought so. Purchasing your hot glue in bulk will save you so much cash. Did you also know that you can buy extra long glue sticks so that you can keep on making beautiful things without running out of glue in the middle?

3. Keep It Clean

Cleaning your glue gun is super easy, and all you need is aluminum foil! Turn on your glue gun without the glue, wait for it to heat up as normal. Once the temperature has peaked, take aluminum foil and wipe the excess glue away. Keeping your glue gun clean is essential to keeping your future crafts and projects polished and scuff/smear-free.

4. Glue Can be Art, Too!

Use hot glue as part of your design! You can create patterns and even lettering using hot glue as your medium of choice. Apply to your art canvas or even a glass surface, let dry and paint right over it for very cool texture. Play around and see what you like!

5. A Hanging Hack

I’ve been there: you made an awesome birthday banner but don’t want to create a gaping hole in your wall to hang that bad boy up. Here’s the solve: place a piece of painter’s tape on the wall first, next add hot glue to the outside-facing tape, then stick on your banner. When the celebration is all over, simply remove by lifting up the painter’s tape.

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One Response to “Hot Glue Gun Tips From a Pro Who Knows”

  1. Elissa

    Do sharpies work well to add color to the dried glue crafts? For example I am making my son a cellphone case....Thanks your tips were very helpful!