Let Love in With a Geometric Heart-Shaped Quilt Block

Love Within Finished Quilt Block

There’s nothing better than a heart-shaped quilt block for Valentine’s Day . Whether you’re making it into a table runner or a part of a larger quilt, it’s sure to make your loved ones swoon. Best part: you don’t have to go for the traditional red and pink colorway. Choose any hues you want — so long as your fabrics contrast, this design will be bursting with love.

Love Within Heart Block

Level: Intermediate

Size: 12½” square

What You Need

  • Template and cutting instructions
  • Three colors of fabric
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Thread
  • Fabric marker
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Stickers or scrap paper
  • Instructions

    1. Cut and Label the Fabric

    Love Within Fabrics Cut and Labeled

    Cut the fabric as the chart instructs and label your units by letter. We used cheap stickers that don’t leave residue, but you can use scrap pieces of paper as well.

    On the back of the C, D, K and M squares, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.

    2. Make Half-Square Triangles

    Love Within Step 2

    Create six half-square triangle (HST) units by layering the C and F squares right sides together, with the line on the C squares face up. Stitch ¼” from the line on both sides and press the seams open . Cut the units in half directly on the drawn line and trim the HST units to 2½” squares.

    3. Attach HST Units to G Rectangles

    Love Within Step 3

    Attach the G rectangles to the opposite sides of two of the C/F HST units using a ¼” seam allowance. Press the seams toward the G fabrics.

    4. Join the Remaining HST Units

    Love Within Step 4

    Stitch the remaining C/F HST units into pairs. Make sure to note the orientation of each unit — they should be placed like the photo above. Use a ¼” seam allowance and press the seams open to reduce bulk.

    5. Create F and M HST Units

    Love Within Step 7

    Create two HST units by layering the F and M units right sides together, with the diagonal line on the M fabric facing up. Create the HST units just as you did before. Trim to 2½” squares.

    Stitch the two F/M HST units together in the orientation shown above. Then attach an H rectangle to the bottom. Press the seam toward the H fabric.

    6. Create D and J HST Units

    Love Within Step 8

    Create two more HST units using the D and J squares. Press the seams open and trim the units to 3½” squares.

    7. Make a K/L Unit

    Love Within Step 9

    Align a K square to the top left corner of an L square. Stitch directly on the diagonal line you drew on the K square in step 1. Press the seam toward the outside of the block. Trim the excess fabric underneath the unit ¼” away from the stitching line.

    Repeat the same steps with a K square placed in the top right corner. Then repeat this process to make two K/L units.

    8. Join

    Love Within Step 11

    Stitch the K/L units together in the orientations shown above. Attach an H rectangle to the top of the K/L pair. Press the seam toward the H fabric.

    9. Assemble the Block

    Love Within Step 12A

    Lay out your units into four rows, as shown above.

    Love Within Step 12B

    Stitch the units in each row together. Press the seams in the first and third row toward the center. Press the seams in the second and fourth row toward the outside. Stitch the four rows together, nesting the intersecting seams. Press the row seams open.

    10. Add the Border

    Love Within Finished Quilt Block

    Attach the B strips to the left and right side of the block, pressing the seams towards the B strips. Attach the A strips to the top and bottom of the block, pressing the seams towards the A strips.

    You’re done! Isn’t that sweet?

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