Use Fabric Scraps to Quilt a Cute Heart-Shaped Block

strippy heart quilt block

If you’re looking for a cute, quick project that’ll use up your scraps, we’ve got a project you’re going to love. This heart block sews together in five simple steps, and it’s the perfect project to give to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Strippy Heart Quilt Block

Level: Easy

Size: 8½” square (unfinished)

What You Need

  • Six red or pink fabric strips
  • Background fabric
  • Thread
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Iron
  • Pencil or fabric marker
  • Cutting Instructions

  • Six 1½” x 6½” strips of red or pink heart fabric
  • Four 1½” squares of background fabric
  • Two 3½” squares of background fabric
  • Two 1½” x 6½” strips of background fabric
  • Two 1½” 8½” strips of background fabric
  • Instructions

    1. Sew the Strips

    heart block fabric strips

    Sew the red and/or pink strips for the heart together lengthwise into two sets of three.

    2. Place the Background Squares

    sewing heart block strips

    Lay the background squares on top of the strip sets, right sides together. The smaller squares should be on the top corners and the larger square should lie on the bottom half. Use a ruler and fabric marker to draw diagonal lines across the wrong side of each square, as pictured above.

    3. Sew and Trim

    sewing heart block

    Sew along the marked diagonal lines. Press the pieces away from the center of the strips, then trim away the excess.

    4. Join the Units

    heart block halves

    Sew the two sides of the heart together.

    5. Add the Border

    adding heart block border

    Sew the 6½” strips on the top and bottom of the heart unit, and the 8½” strips on the right and the left.

    finished strippy heart block

    Once the block is stitched together, give it a final press. That’s it! You can frame your quilt block, sew it into a pillow or make it part of a larger Valentine’s Day quilt.

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    17 Responses to “Use Fabric Scraps to Quilt a Cute Heart-Shaped Block”

    1. Eunice

      Thank you, this was so easy to make and can use scraps.

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      So cute

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      Simple anhd pretty. Thanks for a great idea.

    4. Lavada

      Beautiful. Thank you

    5. Pam

      Iron thru assembly. Have you used spray starch??

    6. Shelley Cox

      I am sewing hearts for Cathy's Vac & Sew in Tucson, AZ

    7. Elsa Tutt

      Thanks for sharing

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      Doing hearts for hearts with catheys seeing

    9. Diana

      Thank you perfect for LITTLE GIFT .

    10. Judy Booth

      Heart quilt block tutorial