Make Your Own Heart Headpins

We may have just passed Valentine’s Day, but hearts are one of those symbols that are always in fashion! They are lovely imagery to include in your jewelry all year.

Oxidised copper wire heart headpins

Follow along to learn how to whip up your own wire heart headpins with just a few simple tools.

Materials and tools:

  • 0.8mm copper wire
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Flat-nosed pliers
  •  Flush cutters
  • Steel bench block
  • Chasing hammer

1. Cut a 20 cm piece of 0.8 mm wire and turn a simple loop at one end with your round-nosed pliers.

Step 1.

2. Grasp this loop with your flat-nosed pliers, and gently turn it.

Step 2.

3. Create a spiral.

Step 3.

4. Again with your flat-nosed pliers, grasp the wire about 1.5 cm away from the top of the spiral, and bend the wire up to create the point of your heart.

Step 4.

5. Using round-nosed pliers, grasp the long length of wire directly opposite the spiral and pull it firmly around your pliers. Make sure you are using the part of your round-nosed pliers that is the same size as the spiral you created in steps two and three.

Step 5.

6. Grasp the wire with the tips of your round-nosed pliers just beneath the level where the base of the spiral sits.

Step 6.

7. Pull the wire firmly up and through the center of your heart, leaving a small teardrop loop beneath.

Step 7.

8. Using flat-nosed pliers, create a small bend above the center of your heart.

Step 8.

9. Using a steel bench block and a chasing hammer, hammer your heart to create a flattened look.

Step 9.

10. If you wish, you can oxidize your copper hearts using liver of sulphur. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully!

Oxidised copper wire heart headpins

Here’s an example of some gorgeous earrings made using these headpins from jewelry designer Lindsay Philipson of Precious Violet.

Handmade earrings using heart headpins by Lindsay Philipson of Precious Violet
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