The Key to Great Results? This Week’s Hackathon!

You know that one little trick that makes a world of difference? Well, we’ve rounded up 12! Check out the posts below, and discover failproof tips that will save you time, banish frustration and lead to your best creations yet.

Smart Shortcuts for Every Craft

Make Marshmallow Fluff from Marshmallows
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Homemade marshmallow fluff — is it too good to be true? Nope: this surprisingly simple trick makes it fun and easy to whip up ooey, gooey, delicious fluff at home!

How to Bake a Flat Cake
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Cake Decorating

If domed cakes are giving you a headache, check out this post on using simple tools to bake flawless, flat cakes. We tested five methods so you dont have to!

Choosing Fabric for Clothes
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Say so long to fabric confusion! This handy write-up tells you how to pair the right fabric with your pattern, for picture-perfect results.

Make a Queen-Size Quilt
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Thanks to this post, sewing queen-sized quilts will no longer be a king-sized chore! Find out how to increase the size of your next quilt with ease and style.

Embroidery Sampler
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Showcase your favorite stitches with an embroidery sampler! Bring your own colorful creation to life with these must-have tips.

Skin Tones in Colored Pencil
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Draw your most lifelike portraits yet with these pro tricks! Learn how to layer and blend colored pencils to achieve a range of realistic skin tones.

Watercolor Texture Techniques
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Want to enhance your watercolor work? Check out this round-up of 10 cool techniques that create instant texture!

Camera Functions
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You’ll be amazed when you see the difference these three simple camera setting make in your photos!

Knitting Edges
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Knitters, rejoice — this can’t-miss post helps you turn sloppy edge stitches into radiant results.

Different Crochet Stitches
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Add pizazz to your crochet projects with five creative stitches! If you’re ready to move beyond basic, this post is for you.

Wire Wrapping Tutorial
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Craft elegant necklaces with ease — and buttons! This handy technique helps you turn a few inexpensive materials into a gorgeous accessory.

Organizing Craft Supplies
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Paper Crafts

Is your scrapbook station a mess? These clever ideas will help you stay organized, so you can spend more time crafting!

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