11 Amazing Granny Square Patterns

Granny square patterns galore

Granny square patterns galore — a dozen granny square motifs that make you think out of the box!

The granny square is one of the most iconic designs in crochet. Its origins have been lost in time, but working crochet stitches in the round and then squaring off to give the motif four corners seems to be as old as the hills.

What is funny, though, is that this simple idea can be interpreted in unlimited ways, and the world is now overflowing with granny square patterns, small and large, to combine into blankets, garments, homeware and accessories. Here are 12 gorgeously different granny square patterns to inspire you. If you want more, check out other granny square patterns here.

Retro granny square pattern

Photos via Haafner Linssen of By Haafner

1. Granny Flower Square

This square by Haafner Linssen is a retro granny square made up into a gorgeous retro blanket in a mix of wonderful neutral tones. The individual motifs are simple to work, but when combined in the beautiful brown, cream, mocha and and camel colors, the finished blanket looks simply stunning.

Get the FREE pattern here.

Sunburst granny square pattern

Photo via Jenny Hoogeboom of Nittybits

2. A sunburst granny square pattern

A classic variation on the granny square is this starburst design worked by Jenny Hoogeboom of the Nittybits blog in a range of bright colors all bordered in cream for maximum impact. Jenny’s granny square pattern uses double crochet puff stitches and cluster stitches to create the glorious starbursts. Join them to make a cozy but lovely-to-look-at baby blanket. By combining more sunburst granny squares, you could make a blanket of any size, even one to cover a king-size bed!

Get the FREE pattern here.

Petal afghan granny square pattern

Petal Afghan Block pattern via Bluprint member WoolnHook

3. Petal afghan block

At first glance, you might think this was a standard granny square, but the design cleverly uses the first round to give the square a flower petal center. Combining modern tones of deep pink and aqua with cream, this motif would make a great baby blanket or lapghan as well as a full-size bed cover.

Get the FREE pattern here.

Lily Pad granny square pattern

Photo via Eline Alcocer of Pasta & Patchwork

4. Lily pad granny square pattern

This square is unusual because it mixes different weights of yarn and transforms a circle into an octagon and then into a square! The colors look fantastic together, producing a larger motif that has a vintage feel. Although it might look tricky, it’s actually really easy to make.

Get the FREE pattern here.

Offset circles granny square pattern

Offset Circles Blanket pattern via Bluprint member BabyLove Brand

5. Offset circles granny square pattern

This totally modern version of the solid granny square is available right here on Bluprint. Many granny square patterns start with a circle that becomes a square, but this design really pushes the limits. Still retro-inspired, this is a long way from the traditional granny square and ideal for those who like their grannies with geometry!

Get the pattern here.

Log cabin granny square pattern

Photos via Sue Rivers of Crochet Again

6. Log cabin granny square pattern

By Sue Rivers of Crochet Again, this looks very like a traditional granny square — but when you look closer you realize that the colors are worked in the shapes used in log cabin quilts. Ingenious!

Get the FREE pattern here.

Leaf stitch granny square pattern

Leaf Stitch Granny Square via Bluprint member Jyneffer

7. Leaf stitch granny square pattern

This unusual granny square design incorporates leaf stitches at the four sides of the square, creating a cross motif in the center. Using only two colors per square, the individual motifs are joined to form a blanket that resembles a stained-glass window.

Get the pattern here.

Mothers heartbeat granny square pattern

Mother’s Heartbeat Granny Square pattern via Bluprint member Inger Soto Design

8. Mother’s heartbeat granny square pattern

When worked in a DK weight yarn with a 4 mm hook, this larger granny square comes out at approximately 8″. Then, it be combined into blankets or used to make pillow covers.

Get the pattern here.

Harmony granny square pattern

Photo via Lucy of Attic24

9. Harmony granny square pattern

This unusual design turns the first two rounds’ squares 45 degrees in the center of the design. Lucy came up with this new take on the granny square earlier in the summer after being inspired by the colors in the beautiful North Yorkshire landscape where she lives. The tones of the yarn really do harmonize together, and the finished blanket looks like a summer meadow.

Get the FREE pattern here.

Granny stripe granny square pattern

Granny Stripes Squared pattern via Bluprint member FeltedButton

10. Granny stripes square

This motif is simple and brilliantly unusual. It combines the granny stripe, a favorite among blanket makers, into a neat and appealing square design. Perfect for pillow covers and blankets, it’s gorgeous in these bright rainbow colors.

Get the pattern here.

Retro granny square pattern and stash bag

Photo via Kathryn Senior of Crafternoon Treats

11. Chunky retro granny square pattern

And finally, the chunky retro granny square that is my own design. I love the vintage crochet from the 1970s with the bright mix of colors and contrasts of lights and darks, but I also wanted a big and bold granny sturdy and large enough to make a useful stash bag. The chunky retro granny is still one of my favorites — even though it led me thoroughly into a crochet-bag addiction!

Get the FREE pattern here.


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