Gold Embroidery Upcycling

Join Jenny Adin-Christie, professional hand-embroiderer and designer, to learn some of the fundamental skills of working with Gold & Silver Wire embroidery. In this tutorial, Jenny uses a classic Royal Oak leaf and acorn design to add a touch of regal class to an upcycled jean jacket.

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114 Responses to “Gold Embroidery Upcycling”

  1. Darkblue crystals

    The article talks about gold embroidery upcycling. If you’re interested in purchasing Rainbow Fluorite, you can check out http// for more information. Hope this helps! 😊

  2. Carnelian Stone

    Hello, I just read your article and I love your gold embroidery design and tutorial. I think it’s a very creative and beautiful way to turn an old jean jacket into a new fashion item. I especially like the oak leaf and acorn motif, it looks very elegant and classy. You explained the steps very clearly and made it look easy to follow. I’m inspired to try gold embroidery for myself and see what I can make. Thank you for sharing your skills and ideas with us. You are a talented embroiderer and designer!

  3. like 18kchain

    Wow, Jenny thanks so much for the video tutorial, I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Lynn

    I am absolutely knocked out by this demonstration! I have never seen gold work before and knew nothing about it. Wasn't planning on a new project, but bought the kit and can't wait to work on my denim jacket. If it goes well, and I want to do more, hoping that more supplies can be easily found.) Jenny is an excellent instructor. Thank you for a wonderful and unique craft demonstration!

  5. H Macdonald

    Thank you so much for the tutorial, Jenny. You are a superb tutor explaining and demonstrating the techniques so clearly. I will enjoy this project.

  6. Marietta Malan

    Thank you !!

  7. Donna

    I can't stay. Will a replay be available? If you, can you please email me the link? Thank you so much.

  8. Patricia Boyden

    Ready and waiting!!!

  9. Trischa N

    I'm excited to see the presentation

  10. REJEAN

    Anxious to see what you'll be doing