5 Genius Tips for Sculpting a Lifelike Geode Cake

No, that’s not an actual amethyst on a cake. But it sure looks like one, right?! With some food color, rock candy and modeling tools, cake artist Rachael Teufel, owner of Intricate Icings Cake Design and instructor of Bluprint classes including Show-Stopping Pour-Through Cakes, says it’s totally possible to create a gorgeous and lifelike geode cake that’s more like a work of art than something you’d eat. All you need are her tips and tutorials before getting started.

The Inspiration

The idea for a geode cake came when Teufel was asked to create a cake for boutique planning company First Look Events. She was given an amethyst as inspiration and told to get as creative as she could. A big fan of anything that sparkles, Teufel was up for the challenge. “Trying to get a cake to truly sparkle can present its challenges, but I was excited [to find a way to] let the geode take center stage for this design.”

One thing she knew for sure: she didn’t want the geode to be a simple prop. “I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to cakes and prefer to make everything edible whenever possible,” Teufel says. “As someone who loves to experiment with new concepts, I started to play with sugar crystals to see what I could come up with.”

While sugar crystals aren’t exactly new, Teufel was determined to find a fresh way to use them. And after plenty of trial and error, she hit the jackpot once she combined granulated sugar and rock candy, then crafted it with multicolored modeling chocolate. The result: a completely edible — and insanely lifelike — geode.

“I love that this cake maintains its elegance and simplicity while showing off the beauty, depth and complexity of a real geode,” Teufel says of the finished result.

Teufel’s Secrets to Success

Once you’re ready to sculpt a geode cake, these are the tips Teufel says will help bring your rock to life.

1. Refer to Real Life

Geodes come in many different shapes, colors and shines. For best results, Teufel recommends using a reference photo (or a real geode) as a guide.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Carving

Even well-versed cake artists can hesitate when it comes to carving. But don’t worry about removing too much cake — Teufel says you’ll need plenty of space to create the shape and depth of a lifelike geode.

3. Strive for Realism

While there are several types of sugar candy available, rock candy has the best texture for recreating the look of a real geode. And modeling tools are a must-have for sculpting a realistic rock border around the geode’s edges.

4. Color It Right

Geodes are gorgeous because of all their little variations — no stone is a solid shade, which provides additional depth to their overall look. Create a more realistic cake by capturing the variation in colors. Simply thin your colors with lemon extract or high proof alcohol, like Everclear.

5. Make It Shine

For an added wow factor, spray a light layer of edible glaze over the sugar crystals. The key word there is light — overspraying the crystals can cause them to turn yellow.

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