Sewing a Camp Collar

Join Suzy Furrer for a review of drafting the camp collar (as shown in Craftsy’s Patternmaking & Design: Collars and Closures) and a demonstration of how to sew the camp collar onto a bodice with a button extension. The camp collar is one of Suzy’s favorite collars – it is quick, easy, polished and works with all ages, genders and most fabrics.

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2 Responses to “Sewing a Camp Collar”

  1. Suzy Furrer

    Thank you all! That was fun. I appreciate you being there and the participation. It seems some questions did not come through so I will answer them here. Ellen: I recommend hand stitching using a fell stitch (aka blind hem stitch). Or, you can machine stitch in the ditch or edge stitch. Carol: The only time I build up the roll line (with stitching or interfacing) is when I make a tailored jacket or coat. Otherwise I let the pattern and fabric dictate the roll line and let it do its thing. If you pattern the collar correctly, the roll line should just come and the collar should sit fall properly. Heather: I showed the collar in the video - I hope that helped with your picture question. I also saw that designer Raf Simons did some nice camp collars in his latest runway show. Let me know if you have further questions! Thank you again. Great to see everyone.

  2. Lisa

    A Camp Collar is a one-piece collar that is sewn directly to the body of the shirt. This allows the collar to lay flat against the shirt.