7 Fantastically Free Log Cabin Block Patterns

The log cabin quilt block is one of the most basic block designs, and has become a great starting point for new quilters wanting to practice and improve their skills. But it’s also fun for designers because it offers a lot of opportunity to experiment and play with color. Many of these designers offer FREE log cabin block patterns of all different levels — read on to get them!

About the log cabin

The traditional log cabin itself is easy to construct: It begins with a foundation piece at the center of the block. Then small strips (or “logs”) are added around and around until the block measures its desired size. There are so many variations on a traditional log cabin, many of which our contributors have featured in their own designs. 

Want to build a log cabin quilt of your own? Check out our favorite free log cabin block patterns!

The blocks below are ordered from easiest to most challenging. Have fun!

Free Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Block

1. The Classic Log Cabin Block

This classic log cabin block is a quintessential example of the traditional quilt. In this Bluprint blog tutorial, Carolina chose two color families for a diagonal effect, but note the center piece from which all the other strips spiral out. You can follow the FREE step-by-step tutorial on the blog.

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Courthouse Steps Quilt Block Pattern

2. Courthouse Steps

The courthouse steps block is a traditional variation on the log cabin. It also begins with a center block, but then parallel “logs” are placed in a specific order (both horizontal, then both vertical) to create the pattern. In her free pattern, Bluprint member Rachael G expertly takes you through the process to create your very own.

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Log Cabin Pot Holders

3. Log Cabin Pot Holders

This pattern is designed as a potholder, but you could skip the finishing and use the top as one part of a larger quilt. The block from designer Twiggy & Opal uses logs of different widths, creating a modern striped pattern.

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wonky log cabin quilt block

4. Wonky Log Cabin

A popular concept in modern quilting, improvisational or “wonky” piecing is perfect for the log cabin block. Irregular strips emanating from an improv triangle give this postcard-sized block from Bluprint member Basil_and_Ivy a fun look. If you’re afraid of trying out a wonky style, don’t worry: This block is completely paper-pieced. When it’s done, either send it off to a loved one or continue adding to it to make a larger block for another project!

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Log Cabin Heart

5. Heart-Shaped Log Cabin

I love how Bluprint member Jennifer O. took the concept of a wonky log cabin and applied it to a heart-shaped block. Her design is sweet but very original, and is great for intermediate sewers looking to practice paper piecing. Arranging lots of these little blocks all in rows would make a great quilt for Valentine’s Day or for a loved one all year round.

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pineapple quilt block

6. Pineapple block

The pineapple block is another great variation on the traditional log cabin. Rather than building around the block on the straight edges, the pineapple block adds layers around the corners. This is a trickier method and is most commonly done with paper piecing. This particular block template from Bluprint member CherylBrickley includes a 7″ pattern but does not include specific paper-piecing instructions. If you’re interested in trying it out, make sure to brush up on your paper-piecing skills first!

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pineapple block

7. Pineapple Paradise Block

This Inside Out Pineapple Block by Bluprint member imfeelincrafty is really labor intensive, but with a huge payoff! A variation on the pineapple block, it’s made up of four smaller blocks, each constructed with that pineapple/log cabin design based off the outside corner. I love how this block plays with negative space by including white strips between each of the green ones.

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