How to Embroider a Totally Custom Sweatshirt

Where some people see a plain sweatshirt, we see a blank canvas for needle and thread. Here’s how to transform an everyday layer into a top that’s truly unique to you.

Embroidered Sweatshirt

Level: Easy

Wanna make your own? Remember these tips:

Go for Color!

You don’t have to pick a bold color (neutrals are in, you know), but you DO want to pick a thread that contrasts with the color of your sweatshirt. Otherwise nobody will be able to see your stitchin’.

Give Yourself a Guideline

We used transfer paper to mark our stitching lines, but that’s not your only option. You could also draw a shape freehand with chalk or a water- or air-soluble marker made for fabrics.

Beyond the Backstitch

Backstitching is a great option for this kind of project because it’s bold and easy to do — but it’s far from your only choice! Check out these stitches to add a little variety to your design.

Smooth moves

Your hoop will probably leave creases in your clothes, so be sure to steam or iron them out!

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  1. Henry Nichols

    wonderful video have you share here about embroider a sweatshirt. Thanks for sharing.