Eco Yarn-School

Challenge yourself to learn something new! Learn alongside Jen Lucas and Brenda K.B. Anderson as they teach each other new skills and create some fun eco-friendly household goods.

Keep your plastic shopping bags handy, organized and ready for re-use with a bag dispenser or use up leftover bits of 100% wool yarn to make some functional dryer balls. A crochet and knit pattern is provided for both projects. Click here to download the free pattern bundle.

Download free pattern

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13 Responses to “Eco Yarn-School”

  1. Maggie

    Great ideas

  2. Janet Louise S S

    A sewing circle with every type of craft using eco yarn is a great idea. Crochet & Knitting & Plastic Canvas, etc are a start to relaxing together. Each member decides the type of craft they want to work in the group. After the sewing circle chatting & work, the project is completed on the members time at their own speed. Winter is the best time to start. " Spring is sprung before you know it."

  3. Karin Finch

    I already get Craftsy newsletter, how do I get pattern without signing up again?

  4. Armorel CCARLYON

    Can I use raw fleece from my sheep? (joining in from Truro Cornwall Uk)Lovely to close the day with your programme.

  5. Barbara E. Brown

    I keep forgetting what a cool site Craftsy is and all the fun stuff you offer us! Thanks so much for reminding me!

  6. Janet vive

    Love to learn

  7. Jody Koenig

    Thanks for all you do

  8. Stephanie Bradford

    Thank you ladies!This was awesome.

  9. Tara Wilding

    This has been wonderful! Thank you!!

  10. Tara Wilding

    Have you ever tried felting dog hair?