Crochet Thursday: How to Crochet a Spike Stitch

Learning how to crochet a spike stitch is easy to do, and it’s a stitch that can add a fun graphic pattern when you’re crocheting a garment. Spike stitches are made with what are essentially elongated single crochets. When you create a regular single crochet, you work into the stitch directly below the new row (so 1 row below). A spike stitch is worked either 2, 3 or 4 rows below the new row you are working. Different lengths of this stitch can be combined in a variety of ways to make fun, geometric designs.

Blue Crocheted Rectangle with Grey Spike Stitches

Crocheted spike stitch tutorial


  • sc: single crochet
  • ch: chain
  • C1: color 1 (brown)
  • C2: color 2 (blue)
  • SP-2: spike stitch 2 rows below
  • SP-3: spike stitch 3 rows below
  • SP-4: spike stitch 4 rows below


Chain 12.

Work 4 rows even of sc.

Grey Crocheted Rectangle with Needle

Join C2, ch1, then turn to begin new row.

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 1

Spike Row: SP-2 (work a sc into the 2nd row below hook)

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 2

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 3

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 4

SP-3 (work sc into the 3rd row below hook)

Spike Stitch - Step 1

Spike Stitch - Step 2

Spike Stitch - Step 3

SP-4 (work sc into the 4th row below hook)

Spike Stitch - Step 4

Spike Stitch - Step 5

Continue (SP-2, SP-3, SP-4) to the end of the row.

Finishing Spike Stitch

Work 4 more rows of sc before joining C1 and working another spike stitch row.

Adding Blue Atop Grey Rectangle

Keep in mind, the spike stitch creates a very stiff and non-stretchy fabric, so it’s probably not a good idea to use it for an item that you’d like to have a lot of drape or stretch.

I’m considering using the spike stitch along the button band of a sweater I’m just about to finish. Where might you use this fun stitch?

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