7 Fun Patterns for Crochet Slippers

If you’ve never slipped your feet into a pair of handcrafted crochet slippers, then you are really missing out. The comfort and coziness of crochet slippers can’t be beat. And of course there’s special satisfaction when you’ve crocheted them yourself.

These FREE patterns for crochet slippers are exactly what you need.

light blue crocheted adult slippers

Photo via Crochet by Jennifer

1. Adult Chunky Slippers

These slippers have the ultimate cozy texture made using a combination of post stitches. In fact, they are so comfy that they’ve been described as “squishy foot massagers.” They’re cute, too, so you’ll feel stylish as well as comfortable when you wear them around the house. Get the pattern.

cappuccino ladies slippers

Photo via Luba Davies

2. Cappuccino Lady Slippers

Make these crochet slippers in cotton yarn for a warm-weather option, or use wool yarn for a cozier pair. This pattern is designed in four sizes, and the designer shares what the sizes would be in five different countries, so almost anyone can use this pattern to make a great pair of crochet slippers. This is a quick crochet project that should take you no more than a few hours to complete. Get the pattern

bow slippers crochet pattern

Photo via Jay’s Boutique

3. Girl’s Bow Strap Slippers

The Jay’s Boutique crochet pattern store is filled with great crochet baby shoes, including a pair of baby flats that were the prototype for this pair of girl’s slippers. The designer explains that simply by changing the hook size and yarn choice, you can make slippers for different sizes. This particular pattern was made for an 8-year-old girl using a G hook and Aran weight yarn. The cute bow is the perfect detail for adorable crochet slippers that girls of any age should love! Get the pattern

ribbed crochet slippers free pattern

Photo via Janis Frank

4. Ribbed Crochet Slippers

This easy ribbed crochet slippers pattern makes a great pair of house slippers for anyone. The floral design pictured here is intended for feminine folks, but if you leave off the flower then you have a terrific unisex design. The pattern comes with instructions for a range of children’s and adult sizes.Get the FREE pattern

morgan lady's slippers

Photo via Hip Hop Crochet

5. The Morgan Lady’s Slippers

The combination of the smart yarn choice, the rounded design, the wide strap and the button detail all make for a perfect crochet slipper pattern! The pattern uses all of the basic crochet stitches in a way that creates the right shaping for the shoe.Get the pattern

ladybug crochet slippers

Photo via Solstice Child

6. Easy Ladybug Slippers

Crochet slippers are meant to be worn around the house so you get away with sporting all kinds of crazy designs. It can be a lot of fun to wear different costume-style crochet slippers, making yourself smile every time you put them on. These easy ladybug slippers are a perfect example of that kind of design.Get the pattern

elf slippers free crochet pattern

Photo via Shush Lander

7. Elf Slippers

If ladybug slippers aren’t quite your style but you want to wear fun and funky slippers, perhaps this Elf Slippers pattern is better suited to you. This crochet pattern is for one size only, but the designer offers a second free pattern in the same style but a different size. Check the designer’s shop for additional cute crochet slipper patterns (although they aren’t all free). Get the pattern

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