Crochet & Knit Spa Day Kit

Everyone needs a little extra self-care sometimes. Join Jen Lucas and Brenda K.B. Anderson for a LIVE tutorial on Wednesday, April 20th at 10:00 a.m. CT to learn how to make a knit and crochet spa day kit. Directions for two crochet projects, two knit projects, and one project that combines both crafts are included in the free pattern download. Also included is a quick recipe for easy DIY bath salts! Make this spa gift set for your mom, for yourself, for a night in, wedding shower gift, or simply just to show someone you care!

Projects included in this class:
• Dahlia Face Scrubbies (crochet)
• Velvet Spa Headband (crochet)
• Twinkle-Toes Toe Spacers (knit)
• Blue Ridge Scrunchie (knit)
• Cristata Scrunchie (crochet & knit)
• Rose Bath Salts

Download free pattern bundle

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6 Responses to “Crochet & Knit Spa Day Kit”

  1. Maria

    All your crafts look amazing. I would like to learn.

  2. Pamela Neal


  3. Cynthia

    Please send the website and the patterns

  4. Jamie

    My efforts to make a crochet dishcloth resulted in a crochet placemat. :) So, I taught myself to knit using "Knitting for Dummies" on my lunch breaks at work. This was about 16 years ago. I'm looking forward to trying crochet again. These are very sweet patterns! Thanks for the class!

  5. Elena


  6. Theresa

    Off and on for 10 years