Creativity Camp LIVE Baketivity Demonstration with Emily Steffen

Join Emily Steffen and her daughter for a very special LIVE finale of our Creativity Camp series. Follow along as they bake flower shaped cookies using the thoughtfully curated Baketivity box from Cratejoy!

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8 Responses to “Creativity Camp LIVE Baketivity Demonstration with Emily Steffen”

  1. Roo


  2. Susan


  3. Rachael Teufel

    Oh my goodness these two are so adorable!

  4. Nancy Barreto Hogan

    No sound

  5. Carol

    Love projects to do with my granddaughters.

  6. Kathleen Bove

    I see only the ad page and no sound

  7. Maria Rodriguez

    Can't wait for new craft ideas!

  8. Rajika Tobey