Creative Quilt Backs

You’ve spent considerable time and creative energy on the front of your quilt; make the back a work of art, too. In this FREE mini-class, renowned quilter Elizabeth Hartman, author of the popular quilting blog Oh, Fransson!, show you easy ways to create several styles of quilt backs that will complement the fronts. Whether you’re a traditional quilter or lean toward modern styles, you’ll find tips and techniques here that will make your finished quilts stand out. Sign up for Creative Quilt Backs today!

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Meet your instructor, Elizabeth Hartman, author of the popular quilting blog “Oh, Fransson!”

Quilt Back Math

Figure out how best to stack and back your quilt in this comprehensive lesson. Elizabeth goes step by step through the math needed to calculate the correct yardage.

Using Large-Scale Prints

Your quilt’s back is the perfect place to show off large-scale prints to their best effect. Elizabeth helps you figure out how to calculate and assemble your back — and match prints for the wow factor.

Adding a Pieced Strip

A pieced strip echoes the colors and design of the top and can be a lifesaver if you find yourself just a little short of backing fabric. Calculate the most pleasing combinations, size the pieces and stitch them together with Elizabeth.

Back Block

“Borrow” a block from the front of your quilt for the reverse. You’ll learn how to adjust fabric requirements to add blocks onto your quilt back.

Super Scrappy

Use your odds and ends to make a scrappy quilt back in this improvisational lesson. Elizabeth demonstrates variations with large scraps or small.

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    Enjoyable sessions so far! I am unable to download the instructions or resources, though.