Craftsy Premium: Three Top Down Shawl Shapes

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We often think about top-down shawls being simply triangle shawls or half-pi shawls, but there are many other ways you can knit these accessories. Let’s take a look at three top-down shawl constructions.

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15 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Three Top Down Shawl Shapes”

  1. Janette wallace

    I missed it

  2. AURA

    Very helpful tutorial--I learned a lot and will be making use of this eventually. Time to go through the stash!

  3. Barbara

    Excellent video! Thank you for the in depth information about designing top down shawls.

  4. Gwyn Colvin

    No comment

  5. Lou Ann Herron

    Top down patterns are my favorite.

  6. Alison

    <strong>Vancouver BC

  7. Carla

    Hi from Scotland

  8. Rekha Wadhwani

    I love all sorts of crafts

  9. Rochelle

    Use provisional cast on for first three stitches. When you turn the second time, remove the provisional cast on stitches one by one as you knit the 3 active stitches to complete the third side of the garter tab. No need to guess where to place you right needle.

  10. Lori