Easter Bunny Cookies

Join Craftsy instructor Anne Yorks for a live streamed cookie demo. Anne provides step-by-step instruction on how to make a cute girl and boy bunny. She also shares tips for working with royal icing.

Download a printable decorating guide for the bunny cookie and checkout the Easter cookie cutters designed by Anne Yorks.

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31 Responses to “Easter Bunny Cookies”

  1. Laurie Becker

    Sorry didn’t have the opportunity to watch earlier today, is there still away to watch?

  2. Julie

    I have heard that adding a little corn syrup to the royal icing helps give the cookies more of a shine. Have you tries this if so how much do you recommend?

  3. Virginia M Lang-Chaltry

    What makes you outline in all white -or- like with the boy bunny you changed the outline color to match the shirt and shorts?

  4. Delynn Tracy

    What brand of meringue powder do you use? Do different brands produce shinier cookies?

  5. Antonia

    Is that line of icing for structure still the flood consistency icing or the outline consistency?

  6. Kathy McIntire

    Excellent tutorial–all details covered expertly and easily understood…thank you!