Craftsy Premium: Solomon’s Knot Produce Bag

Brenda K.B. Anderson had been looking for a replacement for the one-time use plastic produce bags at the grocery store, so she decided to make her own reusable alternative! The stitch pattern needed to be strong but also open enough so that the grocery store clerk could tell what was inside without opening it. It also had to be lightweight as possible in case people wanted to use it for items that needed to be weighed in the checkout line. After experimenting with a few different lace patterns, which quickly became too heavy, Brenda realized that the Solomon’s Knot stitch pattern (also called the Lover’s Knot) would check all of the boxes! This stitch pattern isn’t complicated to do, but it is very difficult to explain so make sure to watch the LIVE tutorial to see how it’s done!

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3 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Solomon’s Knot Produce Bag”

  1. Carla

    Brenda, thank you for this! The Solomon’s (or ‘Lover’s ‘) knot, while seemingly simple, has eluded me far longer than I care to admit! I love this bag, and had been making produce and lingerie bags with a chain stitch mesh, but it seems to take forever to do each bag – and they’re MUCH heavier! You’ve made my day!