Craftsy Premium: Sea Spray Wire Necklace

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Crocheted wire and a handful of glass beads elevates the simple crochet chain to a whole new level. If you’ve never crocheted with wire before, this is the perfect place to start! Once you get the hang of crocheting with wire, you can make one of these in about one hour – it’s so quick you can whip one up before you go out tonight! Join Brenda K. B. Anderson for this live demonstration and learn how to crochet beautiful wire jewelry!

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10 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Sea Spray Wire Necklace”

  1. Genevieve Becker

    Is there a real person answering emails at Craftsy Customer service? I am getting what look like automated responses that are useless replies that do not answer my question - which is I am logged in but no video showing. I have even sent screen shot showing the page saying I am logged in and that there is no access to the video. Anyone solved this missing video?

  2. bailey53106

    Were is the video

  3. Deborah Douglas

    Very enjoyable to watch! Thank you.

  4. Natasha


  5. becky83312221011

    Love this! Thank you Brenda!

  6. Annette Mortimer

    Enjoyed your video and I am going to try this soon!

  7. Deborah

    Crocheting with wire is awesome!!

  8. Linda Stephenson


  9. Kathy

    I missed the original time to watch the video. Is there a replay I can watch?

  10. alexis sternhell

    where is the video?