Craftsy Premium: Cable Knitting

Join knitting instructor, Jen Lucas, for a Craftsy Premium LIVE class. Jen demonstrates three cable patterns, teaches you how to cable without a cable needle, and teaches you how to put them together to make a blanket.

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15 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Cable Knitting”

  1. Alice Benjamin

    Loved this video. I’m teaching myself to knit and I’m looking to find some free knitting videos on this site that I can follow along with. Any suggestions?

  2. Michele

    Would love to crochet a doggie coat for my miniature Yorkees

  3. Susan Armstrong

    Could you limit my emails and announcements to knitting topics only, please. Otherwise I need to quit. Just too many emails for extraneous crafts. Thanks.

  4. sandy ramsey


  5. sandy ramsey


  6. kk6chf18543401

    Fun class - learned a lot! -Jeff

  7. Pricilla Murphy


  8. kk6chf18543401

    Sorry; typed message in wrong window. Apologies,, Ms. Lucas.

  9. Kathryn Orth

    Hi, Midland, TX

  10. Kanchan Garg

    Hello Just want to learn new tricks!