Craftsy Premium: Fancy Starts for Your Knitting

There are hundreds of ways to cast on for your knitting project. Why not start with something a little fancy? With a little bit of planning and just a tiny bit of extra knitting you can take your cast on edge to the next level. During this Premium membership LIVE event, you’ll learn three fancy starts for your projects: the Folded Picot Cast On, the Twisted Stockinette Edge, and the Three-Color Braided Cast On.

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36 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Fancy Starts for Your Knitting”

  1. Jacqueline Dooley

    Hi all, Jacqueline (Jacque) from New Mexico. Loving this demonstration. Thank you.

  2. Shirley Nehring

    I am not able to view video on my laptop, which was preferred. Signed onto my phone and started watching from about 10 minutes in.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Shirley, I am sorry to hear that. Have you tried using another browser? I would also suggest updating your browser. Please check your internet connection on your computer. If you are still having trouble viewing the video on your laptop, please reach out to customer service so they can further assist you:

  3. Dawn Tenneson

    hello from Washington, I’ve knitted a little bit, definitely a beginner, thank you for the guide!

  4. Skeetor

    I hope to watch this live but am a little under the weather so I might have to settle for the recording…

  5. Linda

    I’m looking forward to the new cast on method. Looks great and I have a new great granddaughter I’m anxious to knit for.


    I’m really looking forward to this! I’m always looking for better cast on edges for my projects.