Craftsy Premium: Fancy Starts for Your Knitting

There are hundreds of ways to cast on for your knitting project. Why not start with something a little fancy? With a little bit of planning and just a tiny bit of extra knitting you can take your cast on edge to the next level. During this Premium membership LIVE event, you’ll learn three fancy starts for your projects: the Folded Picot Cast On, the Twisted Stockinette Edge, and the Three-Color Braided Cast On.

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35 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Fancy Starts for Your Knitting”

  1. Cynthia Maria

    I enjoy

  2. Cynthia GARTON

    Awesome... loved that thank you šŸ˜Š

  3. Rea Pascua

    I am a beginner, willing to learn more. Thanks!

  4. Judith Brown

    What does URL stand for

  5. Ann Chowdhury

    I hope this works and despite your saying so have not said this before!

  6. Carole morrison

    Would like to see it

  7. Beth Lockhart

    <strong>Not able to view on my computer. Don't send this stuff if it doesn't work.</strong>

  8. Leslie

    Iā€™m happy to hear, explore and learn to navigate some new knitting techniques.

  9. Piece of Me

    Thank you! All of the finishes look great and are easier than they appear!

  10. J.A. Ipskamp

    Hi from the Netherlands. Always wanted to do a picot edge.