Craftsy Premium: Elephant Purse

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Join Brenda K.B. Anderson for a Craftsy Premium member LIVE event. This small colorwork piece features a geometric design at the top and elephants that encircle the bottom of the bag. The colorwork is done with center single crochet, in a tapestry crochet style, which adds structure to the fabric so it does not need to be lined with fabric. A kiss lock purse frame adds a special professional finish to this beautiful crocheted project.

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12 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Elephant Purse”

  1. Elaine Poulin

    Wonderful gift idea

  2. Elaine Poulin

    This would be a wonderful gift for any child, any age.

  3. Sandra Long

    Like the purse.

  4. marie

    I checked on Amazon but all the frames I found were 3.3 inches, can you give me the name of what you used?

  5. Barbara Vickers

    Hello from Atlanta, GA

  6. Rippling Water

    Do you have an alternate source for the purse frames for those of us who do not buy from Amazon?

  7. Audrey Kim

    Thank you! This was great!

  8. Vivian Crestfield

    Dear Brenda, I am mainly a knitter, I can do some crochet but I’m definitely not an expert. You have sold me on giving this a try. Your instructions are awesome and your design adorable. Thanks so much! I’ll look up your book for sure. Hugs, viv

  9. Lisa A Spomer

    I'm very excited about this project! I absolutely ❤️ everything 🐘 !!

  10. Audre