Craftsy Premium: Color Mixing with Confidence

Join esteemed artist Nina Weiss for a Premium LIVE event on color mixing. Nina will share the tools to confidently mix colors for your next artwork! Guided exercises will show you how to move colors through many different stages to achieve the results you’ve been searching for!

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35 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Color Mixing with Confidence”

  1. Marilyn Hansen

    I love pigment and mixing colors and I always do color charts. The best way to learn colors. This was very helpful and reaffirming. Thank you so much!

  2. Katherine

    Fantastic explanation of color! I haven’t picked up a brush for about 30 years and have just recently been looking at different mediums as I use to use oils. I like the idea of using a quick drying acrylic which is much less expensive to create beautiful art pieces. Thank you.

  3. Farrow

    Great lesson! Looking forward to trying the lessons. Can you explain which white you use and why…. Seems to me there are a few options…

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  4. Kristin

    This was my first lesson ever on color mixing. I’ve always just winged it. It went too fast for me to take decent notes, so I hope that it will continue to be available. One suggestion: on the print out, make a heading with the last paragraph you said in this lecture which will give newbies an idea of the goal of this lesson. Thanks for the class!

  5. Sylvia

    Thanks for the lesson. I learned a lot about cool and warm colors doing different things.

  6. Bharti Hart

    what can be used instead of GAC? I have matt & gloss mediums can they be used in the same way?

  7. tonyaleea2196490

    how do I access the LIVE events (class) at a later time. It says all events are archived but I can’t find them.

    • Jessica

      Hi there! Yes, this Premium video will be available for replay after it streams. The video will be replaced with the HD version within 48 hours after it streams. All of our LIVE events are archived and available to watch at any time.