Craftsy Premium: Candy Cane Striped Pin Cushion

Join Sue O’Very-Pruitt as she leads us through her fun Candy Cane Striped Serger Pin Cushion!

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13 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Candy Cane Striped Pin Cushion”

  1. Karen L Schoener

    Looks cute

  2. Rita Blood

    Pin cushion

  3. Anne Bridge

    Looks very cute

  4. Cindy

    “Sew” cute! :P. I could see this as a larger pillow to add to my Christmas decor!

  5. Margaret McLaughlin

    Can’t wait to make some!!

  6. Carol Coleman


  7. Barbara

    Thank you for the downloaded instructions!!!

  8. Margaret

    Very cool project, and like the tools, and techniques she shares. I am thinking of making a bunch of these for quilt gifts, but perhaps different stripe colors -- such as red - white - blue for summer, or other colors during the year. Thanks for posting this project with video.

  9. CAROL

    thank you

  10. Barbara

    where is the downloaded instructions